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Vipkid Job Hiring Process and Career Guide Requirements

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Vipkid Job Hiring Process and Career Guide Requirements.

Vipkid Job Hiring Process… VIPKID is an online education firm in China that offers English learning program to students aged 4-12. The program is based on an American elementary education; hence the classes cover a wide range of topics from science, to math, to traditional grammar and spelling.

Vipkid Job Hiring Process

Vipkid Job Hiring Process

VIPKID has thousands of teachers and students; they use the flipped classroom model, the students watch videos and complete assignments, they have a real-time class with an English-speaking teacher for 25 minutes.

This article will guide you on VIPKID job hiring process and the requirements.

Requirements to Be A VIPKID Teacher

  • You must be a native English speaker.
  • You must have eligibility to work in the U.S. or Canada.
  • You must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree.
  • You must have experience working with students (by teaching, mentoring, tutoring, counseling, etc.)

The following are helpful but not mandatory:

  • A teaching certificate.
  • A teaching degree.
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification.
  • A classroom teaching experience.

VIPKID Job Hiring Process

  1. Submit a written application online

You will be required to answer a few questions about your educational background, native language, and teaching experience or working with kids. You will receive feedback on your application very quickly through email. The application link is www.t.vipkid.com.cn. Remember to use the referral code: NICOL0117

  1. Complete an Interview/Demo Class

If you pass the written interview, you will receive instructions on how to complete an interview/demo class with a VIPKID employee in China which usually lasts for about half an hour. You will be required to answer a few questions and teach a brief 10 slide lesson that will be provided you. The following are tips for the interview:

  • Review all the practice materials i.e. the demo class slides that will be provided to you by VIPKID.
  • Ensure to have a computer or laptop available with a good internet connection and a headset with microphone.
  • Wear an orange tee shirt for the interview. It is not required, but it is the company’s color and it shows your interviewer that you did your homework about the company.
  • Ensure to have good lighting so that the interviewer can see you clearly.
  • Set up a nice background, you could consider using a map, alphabet poster or anything educational.
  • Practice with someone else.
  • Follow best teaching practices like always encouraging students to speak in full sentences, correcting errors, using hand gestures and body language, etc.
  1. Review teaching materials and prepare for the mock class

You will have to read about the VIPKID program and learn about how each class looks at each level by watching training videos. You will receive lessons and tips on how to prepare for your Mock Class; a full-length class that you to teach an American mentor teacher, then the teacher will give you feedback. If your first mock class is not approved, you will be given pointers on things to work on and schedule for a second mock class.

The mock class is done in the certification center on the teacher’s portal. This is where you will choose which level you want to teach, either beginners (level 2 and level 3) for younger students or intermediate (level 4 and level 5) for older students. There are two lessons for both levels you will need to prepare for. You can also access the VIPKID practice room to test the interface and practice using different tools.

  1. Upload Documents

You will have to update your profile to present yourself to prospective parents and students and also submit your bank information so that you can be paid. You will have to upload documents like tax forms, a copy of your bachelor’s degree and any other degree you might have, your teaching license and Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification.

  1. Start Teaching

If you are hired, you can then begin teaching but mostly trial classes which are students who are considering signing up for VIPKID. You get a bonus of $5 for each student that sign up.

Vipkid Salary Scale

You make a base rate of $7-$9 for each class an extra $2 per class in incentives if you start/end on time and if you teach more than 45 classes in a month. The classes are for 25 minutes, therefore if you teach two classes each hour, you can make about $19-$22 per hour. Payment is done through direct deposit to the bank.

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