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US Capitol Police Officer Salaries Structure for all Staffs

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US Capitol Police Officer Salaries Structure for all Staffs.

US Capitol Police Officer Salary Scale… A career with the U.S Capitol Police (USCP) offers several rewards: creating a big and positive impact; fascinating work and employment opportunities.

US Capitol Police Officer Salaries

US Capitol Police Officer Salaries

It also gives the opportunity to serve the public; pride in serving on the U.S’ premiere police department; and competitive salaries with wonderful advantages.

Immediately upon getting admitted , all officers receive fully payments due to their positions. Upon graduation from the U.S Capitol Police coaching Academy, officers are immediately appointed to the private rank with coaching.

Officers are usually promoted to the position of Private first-class after thirty months of service has been completed successfully.

As of January 2020, the initial pay per position is as follows:

Police Officers Salary Scale in US.

Position Title                                  Pay

  • Private             –                           $60,615/year
  • Private with coaching      –       $62,740/year
  • Private first-class         –            $70,348/year
  • Administrative Officer    –       $109K – $119K/year
  • Physical Security Specialist   –     $109K – $119K/year
  • Federal Police Officer      –         $92K – $101K/ year
  • Special Agent         –             $69K – $107K/ year
  • Police Officer             –             $70,001/year
  • Electronics Technician       –       $28 – $30/ hour
  • Recruit Officer       –       $54K – $59K/ hour
  • Administrative Assistant      –      $50K – $55K/ year
  • Administrative Assistant     –    $19 – $21 hourly.

Benefits of working with the U.S Capitol Police.

A lucky few (two-fifths of the officers) are lucky enough to get paid  vacation and sick time. Majority of the staff have insurance, medical insurance ( many are likely to go for dental insurance) .

Most take advantage of the many fitness facilities to stay healthy and in shape.

In addition to providing a competitive pay, the USCP offers various and different advantages that are planned and structured to make its employees’ public service career attractive.  

Opportunities for Career Growth.

Once coaching is successful completed and verified, opportunities are present for career advancement when spaces open up in Witness Protection, Intelligence, Patrol and Mobile Response, K-9,  Special Weapons Response Team (SWAT Team), and/or alternative positions among the Department.

The U.S Capitol Police respects human and civil rights of everyone. All candidates are going to be vetted without discrimination due to place of birth, race, religion, sex (including marital status or parental status), disability, age, or the other basis prohibited by applicable law.

Level of Experience

Work experience ranging from five to nine years might to lead to averages wages of $68,000 each year. For those with experience ranging from one to four years median paychecks reach $80,000  annually.

56 percent  of U.S. Capitol Police workforce ( the largest percentage) keep working  for about twenty years and earn close to $121,000 each year on the average.


Police Officers are near the top of the most paid of  ; with $72,000 annually being the highest average pay or wage.

Certifications and Degrees.

Having a USCP Academy Certificate comes with many advantages— salaries structured at about $77,000 each year and even exceed the paychecks of those who are not certified. Those with a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) earn the highest pay here at about $122, 000 annually.


Oral / Verbal Communication skill may be the highest paying.  Workers who claim proficiency also report a better average earnings of roughly $69,000 each year. Writing Procedures & Documentation is taken into account an ordinary skill; one in 3 of U.S. Capitol Police’s folks use it frequently.


U.S. Capitol Police’s staff who answer the posers are more likely to be male — the male-to-female demography is about three to one.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

  • How do I make enquiries ?  Send an email to the official U.S Capitol  Police email address via [email protected]



  • Can a non-U.S citizen apply for USCP positions? No. Only U.S citizens are qualified for application.
  • What is the minimum educational requirement for enrolment? Applicants must have a minimum of high school diploma.

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