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Upcoming Events in Nigeria December 2022 and How to Apply

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Upcoming Events in Nigeria December 2020 and How to Apply.

Upcoming Events in Nigeria 2020… One Amazing time in Nigeria is the period running from December to the New Year. You’ll see variety of event taking place the difference sates in the countries, so if you’re clueless about event to attend in Nigeria, not to worry because that’s what I will be showing you in this article.

Upcoming Events in Nigeria

Upcoming Events in Nigeria December 2020

1. Social Media Week Lagos 2020

Social Media Week Lagos (SMW Lagos) launched in 2013 and has become Africa’s biggest tech and media event. Accommodating thousands of attendees from across Nigeria and around the world, SMW Lagos continues to act as a point of meeting for Africa’s most inventive minds. The conference is a marquee event for business leaders, global thinkers, entrepreneurs, civil servants and anyone with a keen focus on the continent. 

To attend this amazing event, visit  www.smwlagos.com  to register the SMWLAGOS programming emphases on ideas, trends, insights, business practices and initiative that power technology to transform industries and communities across Africa.

The 2020 event host 414 speakers and was attended by over 23,000 people across the week. SMW Lagos 2020 promises to be a game-changing week of talks, workshops, high-level networking opportunities and amazing experiences.

2. Complast Nigeria

Smart Expos & Fairs India Pvt Ltd has 35 years of Industrial Experience, 25 years of association with several plastics manufacturers associations and 12years of experience arranging International exhibitions in India & abroad.

The company have stepped into Nigeria – as it is has the fourth fastest growing economy and a main reason for absolute preference by Investors. The company’s foremost focus is Live Demo of Machineries like – Injection Molding, Blow Molding, and Extrusion etc. Raw Materials, Moulds & Dies, Masterbatches, Testing Equipments , Ancillary equipments…

3. West Africa Automotive Show

BtoB Events is pleased to bring to Lagos the West Africa Automotive Show. This will reveal the variety of vehicle parts and accessories necessary to keep cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes and commercial vehicles on Nigeria’s and West Africa’s roads. The show will bring together suppliers, dealers, and manufacturers with all those involved in automotive maintenance, repair and vehicle enhancement.

Being part of West Africa Automotive Show will give your business a chance to find the key contacts, importers, distributors, wholesalers in the industry, and make the proper deals and see the innovation coming into the sector.  To apply for  this event please visit the website on www.westafricaautomotive.com or call Contact: +44 (0) 2476 158098.

4. Food & Beverage West Afric

Food and Beverage West Africa is the best exhibition dedicated to West Africa’s food and beverage industry. The show will host over 120 food and beverage firms both globally and locally, and host over 4,000 attendees involving of local importers, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, hospitality and other businesses.

Food and Beverage West Africa is the best  opportunity to showcase new food and drink products and to create a better business connections across the grocery, catering and wider F&B industry in Nigeria and beyond. 

For further info on how to apply please visit their Website: www.fab-westafrica.com or call Contact: +44 (0) 2476 158100 
Event Date: June 18th 2020 – June 20th 2020.

5. West African Ports and Rail Evolution.

As West African ports and rail authorities cooperate to dramatically enlarge facilities and advance hinterland connections, the potential of the region’s economy grows exponentially. West African Ports and Rail Evolution is created  for ports and rail authorities, terminal operators, shipping lines, bulk exporters, investors and governments looking to forge new frontiers for the economy via ports and rail connectivity, optimization and new business opportunities. 

West African Ports and Rail Evolution offers a unique chance for coastal and hinterland stakeholders to identify proven, future-proofed solutions for demand-driven port and rail expansion as well as best practices in operations and competence improvements. This is the only event in West Africa devoted to ports and rail that brings together the whole value chain of suppliers and buyers to discuss multi-modal requirements and infrastructure solutions to propel the industry forward. 

For more details on how to apply visit https://www.transportevolutionwest.com/ 
Event Name: West African Ports & Rail Evolution 
Event Date: 22 – 23 July 2020

6. West Africa Trade & Export Finance Conference

The West Africa Trade & Export Finance Conference deliberates key market issues within agribusiness, hard commodities, risk mitigation and infrastructural aspects. It provides the ideal occasion to enlarge your network, meet your customers and get fresh viewpoints from a wide range of trade and export finance experts.

With unstable commodity markets still challenging the region’s corporate and financial sectors and geopolitical disturbance around the globe casting indecision over foreign investment into Sub-Saharan Africa, an expert-led agenda will explore common trends and challenges.

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