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Top Effective Ways To Shape Your Thoughts And Become More Confident.

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Your mind is one powerful part of you that you can’t afford to toil with. Don’t be surprised if I say that your mind is the architect of everything you do or achieve in life.

• when an athlete is about to start a race,it is either his/her mind tells him that he can do it and win or that he won’t make it.

• It also lies in his mind when he gets to the middle of the race to tell him he can’t go further or he can still make it(and take it that immediately your mind begin to hammer it that you can’t go further,you can’t).

The thoughts you have towards yourself goes a long way to determine what you can achieve. Immediately you see yourself as not equal to the task, situations will definitely disqualify you.

The major strength you need to pursue your goal and attain it is not actually from the encouragement or moral you get from people but from what you conceal and believe you can do.

The greatest back up you can ever have is not that which is offered to you by friends but that from your mind. When your mind or your thought is positive towards your plans then little are the things you will have to battle.

May I put it to you that most times, what you see or hear tends to affect your thoughts towards what you are about to do.

Take this that, the fact that Mr A failed does not mean Mr B will.

To any height you want to get to in life,it all start from your mind and for you to keep going,your mind must still be glued to your pursuit.

» Watch your thought; they become words,
» Watch your words; they become action,
» Watch your actions, they become habits,
» Watch your habits, they become character,
» Watch your character, it determines your destiny.

Everything all takes its root from your thought. Build a positive thought always and never give room for a negative mind set.

There is every tendency of greatness in you and you must believe it to activate it.

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