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Top 50 Best Companies to Work For in the World – Latest Update 2022

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Top 50 Best Companies to Work For in the World – Latest Update 2020.

Best Companies to Work For in the World… To find the businesses with the foremost happy staff, Glassdoor scanned its huge records of company reviews and ratings from current and former staff.

Top 50 Best Companies to Work For in the World

Reviews embody employees’ opinions on a number of the most effective reasons to sticking for his or her firm, any downsides, recommendation to management, and whether or not they’d suggest their firm to an acquaintance. Still as ratings on however happy they’re with their firm overall, their CEO, and key work attributes like career opportunities, compensation and advantages, culture, and values.

Based on employees’ reviews, firms received overall ratings on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 representing the foremost happy staff. (The calculations done by Glassdoor are based on reviews of thousands of employees to increase the sample rate.) Those with the highest ratings are top on the list.

Though tech firm are rated high for worker perks and compensation, firms from every kind of industries — from retail to publicity to finance and production — and how well they are loved by their staff and, well, ex-staff.

“It’s encouraging to check non-tech employers rank atop of the list as a result of it shows those who all industries have firms that  pay the best salaries and are progressive and innovative however they approach the worker expertise,” Glassdoor Chief Executive Officer Henry M. Robert Hohman said.

“This includes providing some nice edges and perks for his or her staff,” Hohman same. “We ought to expect this trend to solely rise, tho’  tech firms have continually led the approach in terms of innovative individuals and HR practices.”

Hohman added, notwithstanding the trade, many shining and important themes stood out among this year’s winners.

“Specifically, staff affirmed that they love being employed at firms with mission-driven company cultures, wherever they need clear career opportunities, and wherever senior leadership groups create them feel valued and square measure clear with however they impart with staff,” he said. “We conjointly saw a trend of staff extremely appreciating family-friendly edges, from extended parental leaves to kid care compensation.”

Head over to Glassdoor to see out the total list via this link, and scroll down for the highest fifty best places to work:

It checked out firms that had a minimum of one hundred verified worker reviews submitted over the last 2 years, then compiled those (out of seventy two million leader ratings) that had the foremost extremely rated on “overall worker expertise.”

This ranking solely appearance at larger (at least five thousand employees), terribly well-known firms within the Fortune 500 Index. “Companies that have a progressive culture, specialise in the worker expertise and make certain their staff square measure engaged tend to form the highest ten,” said Paul Wolfe, senior  V.P in a company statement.

Top 10 Best Companies to Work for in 2020.

10. Apple

9. Bristol-Myers Squibb

8. JetBlue Airways

7. Johnson & Johnson

6. Fannie Mae

5. Costco Wholesale

4. Delta

3. Salesforce

2. Southwest Airlines

1. Facebook

Top 50 Best Companies to Work for in 2020

50. Space

49. Synchrony Financial

48. National Oilwell Varco

47. General Motors

46. MGM Resorts International

45. Qualcomm

44. Hilton

43. Freeport McMoRan

42. USAA

41. American Express

40. NetApp

39. Stryker

38. Booz Allen Hamilton

37. Avon

36. Northrup Grumman

35. AbbVie

34. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

33. Fluor Corp.

32. Lockheed Martin

31. American Airlines

30. Discover Financial Services

29. DTE Energy

28. Amgen

27. Charles Schwab

26. CBS

25. Capital One

24. ConocoPhillips

23. Cisco

22. Edward Jones

21. Starbucks

20. Pfizer, Inc.

19. Publix

18. Nike

17. Viacom

16. Estee Lauder

15. eBay Inc.

14. Exelon

13. Live Nation

12. Eli Lilly

11. Microsoft

10. Apple

9. Bristol-Myers Squibb

8. JetBlue Airways

7. Johnson & Johnson

6. Fannie Mae

5. Costco Wholesale

4. Delta

3. Salesforce

2. Southwest Airlines

1. Facebook

What made Facebook the Best Company to Work for in 2020?

Though Facebook had a small amount of a rocky year with information breaches, their company culture and perks still square measure a significant draw for individuals. “Clearly, Facebook’s staff over the last 2 years believe that there’s been transparency internally, from the highest down,” same Wolfe. “The company is additionally targeted on perks and edges, that brings it to the highest of the list.”

“While it would possibly seem that the challenges the corporate has recently baby-faced might deter individuals, the staff we have a tendency to attract square measure the sort of individuals that tend to be excited and engaged in those huge, sophisticated issues and would love to unravel them,” Anthony Harrison, a Facebook representative, same in associate degree interview.

And even if Southwest conjointly had loads of negative news this year, it’s still thought-about a good place to figure. And tho’ individuals might not continually appreciate their experiences with airlines, they’re apparently pretty smart places to figure. Delta Air Lines INC., and JetBlue Airways firm. conjointly created the highest ten.

The full list is has been stated above. eBay and  CBS all created it on to the list this one time since the list began to be made public. Cisco and Microsoft each created vital jumps. Cisco climbed from forty five to twenty three and Microsoft rose from twenty two to eleven.  Walter Disney and Google that sometimes rank who have been reputed to rank high on such list were absent this time which is surprising.

At least one lesson can be learn which is always improving working conditions as the world is beginning to take not of these things. Better ranking on the list means better public relations image and this translates to better investor confidence, more patronage and, of course, more profit. See? At the end of the day everyone is happy, the firm included.

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