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Top 20 Scammer Message Format to Client

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Top 20 Scammer Message Format to Client.

Scammer Message Format… Scam messages aren’t just about sending messages. The end point would be to scam the client but before you get to that point you would have to start the conversation in a way that is natural, original and very believable. Scamming is more of psychological warfare than anything else, that’s why scamming is aptly referred to as “confidence trick”.

Scammer Message Format to Client

Top 20 Scammer Message Format to Client

You have to gain the trust of the client, let him or her get very comfortable with you before anything. Once the client believes you, it is easier for the client to do your bidding.

  1. Hi,

Sequel to your request about your synchronizing your phone number to you account in our bank, we advise that you send your password for confirmation that it is the mobile number can be synced. Do well to provide us with a valid phone number which you can get notification from.

Send your password to our agent through the mail address [email protected] .  Sorry for the delayed response.

  1. Hi dearie,

I saw your message on InMessage from three weeks ago but I couldn’t retrieve my phone them and I have lost access to the password as I got a notification via email. I got curious and I searched you out and I like you. You look even more beautiful than I had imagined.

Let’s chat up with this email address.

  1. Dear customer,

Do note that we would be handling your complaints via mail as our outlets would be partially closed for the Christmas holidays.

Here are the contacts of our agents;

Joy: [email protected]

Prisca; [email protected]

  1. Dear customer,

You have been selected for to win $59,000 in our Loyal Customers Rewards Program. Do call +1 34438273 to redeem your prize money. Do not that you would have to forward a mail to this email address with a valid form of identification tagged “Loyal Customers Rewards Program Winner.

  1. Hi,

I saw your contribution in the discussion section on Quora so I checked you out because I got curious about your intelligent comment. It turns out you are as beautiful as you are intelligent too, and you love classical music like me too. I know this might come off as a cliché but where have you been all my life? I want to get to know you better, maybe I could even try a Mozart redition too. Do reply. XX

  1. Hi,

I probably shouldn’t be doing this but I am now. I saw your profile and I liked that you make really smart comments. I’m a little shy so I sent you a mail instead. I’d really want to get to know you better. Please reply so I don’t die of embarrassment. Alright, I’m already getting a little embarrassed.

–From Jenny Merman.

  1. Dear customer,

Do note that we would be outsourcing handling of your account to our dedicated account team and you would be corresponding with us through mail as always but through this email; [email protected]

Thanks for doing business with us and Merry Christmas to you.

  1. Hi handsome,

I don’t really know how to begin as I don’t do this regularly. I saw your post about looking for a female lover and I was a little unsure myself because I don’t want to be hurt. But I remembered I’d never know until I know.

My name is Sandra Patrick. I am 28 years old and like you I am looking to find love too. I am from Seattle but currently spending the holidays in Denver, Colorado. I love music, movies and a little bit of sports because I used to watch the sports channel with my father as a child growing up. I’d like to know you, and do reach out to me if you feel the same way too.

Looking forward to reading from you.

—–Sandra Anthony

  1. Hello,

Well, I know you must have gotten several emails like this everyday.So I have been thinking really hard about how to make mine stand out. I think your profile makes you worth reaching out to , and I had fun reading what you wrote. It seems we share some similar interests and knowing more about you would be fun.

I’m Anita Jacobs from Colorado Springs.  I am a very liberated woman who is passionate. I live take in every moment and spend time close to the ocean while listening to music because it helps me relax. I’d like to connect with you, maybe I could introduce you to new alternative songs you talked about. Send me a message on Google+ at Jenny Lucas.

P.S: Why do you think Sam Smith sings better than Ed Sheeran? I think Ed Sheeran lyrics are more soulful though.

  1. Hello,

For many reasons, I’d like to know more about you if this conversation between us is going to continue

I’m a woman that require understanding a lot regarding the persons I’m getting personal with before moving on. Knowing about you would make me really happy so please be as open as possible with me when answering the questions.

  • What is your name?
  • What’s your age?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is your occupation?
  • What’s your marital status currently?
  • How was your previous relationship like while married?
  • How long did your last relationship last?
  • Do you have children ?
  • How many children do you have?
  • If you already have kids, would you want to have more if you find you dream lady?
  • What is your best colour?
  • What is your best food? Wish to understand if you’re a vegetarian of junk foods?
  • Do you live alone or stick with friends?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you drink?

I will be looking forward to your reply as shortly as you’ll be able to take excellent care of yourself,


  1. Hello,

I think I’ll even have to answer all the queries I asked you, by therefore doing you’ll learn more about myself, and I’d willingly answer your questions honestly.

I  am Linda Jonah

I am 31 years old

I love largely outdoors for fun. I like reading,  playing music and symptom,I love motorcycle riding, snowboarding, taking my boat to the lake, wakeboarding and fishing and that i conjointly love visiting new places and ton a lot of….

I am personal assistant and that I worked for my late father’s company.

I am single and ne’er married

I am not married for once , however I actually have been into an extended time relationship that arranged  ME into adversity and that it hurts ME therefore dearly and i do not to be hurt by any man like that once more..

my last relationship lasted for two years and and a few months

I don’t have children

I will like to have children if i will notice a really sensible and loving  man of my dream

My best color is Blue and that i may also go along with Yellow

I love vegetable and shrimp.

I live alone .

I don’t smoke however i drink socially

I mean motive of change of integrity the qualitative analysis web site is simply to find somebody which will match my dream man and my prince charming.

I simply joined the romance web site last week

The Qualities i would like in my dream Man is to continually love myself which will be caring, funny, intelligent, romantic , faithful ,honest ,that have sense of humor and therefore the most vital factor is Love

I don’t wish solely an extended time relationship however a life time Soulmate. I would like a significant man in my life. I think currently you recognize abundant regarding myself too.  I’ll wish to raise you another question later if you continue to be interested , I will be looking forward to your reply .Jenny

  1. Hi,

How area unit you doing? Its such an excellent pleasure reading from you, well here could be a very little regarding ME and what I actually have been told regarding myself…I love edifice, camping, snuggling by a fire beneath the celebrities, or within the scope of a comfy tent setting. Either means its a really sensual thanks to pay an excellent weekend.

My different interest embrace swimming, reading novels, writing poems, cooking, movies, riding, yachting & fishing within the Gulf. i favor the easy things in life.What’s necessary is being faithful that you’re & not being afraid to point out it. I price Humanitarian works and charity and this is often the rationale why I actually have dedicated myself into it.

I have a robust religion in God and would wish somebody with a similar belief. Someone which will be a comfort to ME be afraid to find out on ME for a similar. Honesty is incredibly necessary. I’m searching for somebody that’s not afraid to point out open tenderness.

I would like somebody that’s positive and loves life, appearance on the intense aspect. I’m loyal and honest. Most of all i would like to own a partner that’s simply that, a partner. I am searching for a person thats nearly as good an addict as they’re an exponent. That combination beside honesty religion in God go on means during a winning relationship.

I’m not a lady of unlimited worldly means that, but I’m faithful the core. a real friend to the person that shares my values. Family, friends, religion want to satisfy my man each physically.

I am trying forward to reading from you… would like to have a conversation with you…

Take excellent care of yourself and have a beautiful day

– Claire

  1. Hey,

After All regarding myself and planning to understand a lot of you , assume we must always get to understand another factor regarding each other. I will wish to understand your main motive on here and that I also will wish to understand if you’re searching for simply an addict or somebody quite an addict to you. I will wish to understand if you wish a significant woman in your life. i still have loads queries for raise you as time goes on as a result of I’ll not wish to waste my time with anybody on-line as a result of i do not wish to induce hurt any longer.

I will be looking forward to your mail


–  Claire

  1. Hi.

I got your mail and after reading it, I fell in love with how honest you were about things regarding yourself.

They are important questions to me and to any relationship before going into it .I want to be aware if you are doing believe LOVE and if so, are you able to say what that means that to you? I’m sorry if you don’t because I am a romantic and I love the feeling of being in love.

Do reply,


  1. I like the means you have got swing what proportion love means that to you however to ME LOVE means that alot as a result of i feel most dotty, i am talking regarding fate here – once feelings area unit therefore powerful it’s as if some force on the far side your management is guiding you to somebody WHO will cause you to happy on the far side your wildest dreams and that i believe Love isn’t regarding finding the proper person, however making a right relationship. it is not regarding what proportion love you have got within the starting however what proportion love you build until the tip.Must ladies within the gift days do not love however lust as a result of they do not very realize love and that they aren’t loving .

I believe you ought to ne’er question if you’re dotty or not, as a result of if you were you would not ought to raise and that i conjointly believe the simplest thanks to love is to like such as you haven’t been hurt. And I would like to like that means for currently and until life endwise my aspect.soi can like to tell a lot of regarding my past and presently before we have a tendency to prolong .


  1. Hi,

I wouldn’t understand what you would like during a relationship. However i suppose the foremost necessary factor is being honest with one another. I will such as you to offer me your words that you simply very love me which you would like to form a replacement life with me because Iused before and ivwouldnt wish to be compete on once more.

I am telling you all this, then you’ll be able to decide if you continue to wish hang out me or not, in order that we’ll not waste every other’s time, once you get this mail, kindly offer me a response to let me understand if you’re still interested or not.

I ne’er grew up to understand my mum as she died straightaway once my birth. I lost my dada on 9/11 in big apple, I am the sole female offspring of my of us.  In paris, my ex-boyfriend,david gareth used me alot and treated me therefore badly. He absconded with my dad’s cash that was unbroken with me once a completion of a go for east united kingdom,when my boy friend got absconded with the covert add people greenbacks, this brought the primary brokeup between me and my dada before is death,because he thought we have a tendency to had the deal along, however not knowing that i am innocent regarding this. Therefore my dada has been harsh and hard on me regarding this.

After all these happened to me and caused by my ex lover, I joined a qualitative analysis web site (www.couple.com) wherever i met Ghanaian guy on-line here who secure heaven and earth that he needs to marry myself and create me happy in life; “I ne’er knew i used to be going from Fry-pan to Fire”.

The African man informed me of  a certain investment chance in Africa and he convinced myself  to return beside a lot of cash once coming back down. On obtaining here, all his intention was to require away the money from myself and use me.

I am trying to heal now.

– Jenny

  1. Dear,

Its an excellent pleasure reading from you. however area unit you doing? i actually wish to induce out of here to return to the State.I really would like your facilitate and trust to induce ME out of this mess. i would like you to own my words as i promise i wouldn’t dis-appoint you, i will very appreciate your help towards this. Once i get there, we’ll prepare things so as and that we will begin a replacement life along. i would like to believe that you simply won’t let ME down.

Babes as I actually have told you what brought ME here from the States. I came in here with a complete add of $10.5millionUSD as well as the money i got from my dad’s business and contracts renumeration. While i was coming back here, the African guy told ME to return with enough cash for investment and that i even attend the extent of mercantilism my inherited house simply because i would like to go away the State .

Now, i am in would like of your facilitate, i’ve gotten enough cash to run myself once I get to the State, i would like to return over to your finish and that we will begin a replacement life along, i do not wish to measure here any longer.As you recognize i am a foreigner here and its completely dangerous on behalf of me out here.Thats why i want your gesture help.

How i would like you to assist me? As i am terrified of being setup by this African guy, i had to act quick for safety.I place this cash during a box and got it fast up with a security code proverbial to ME solely.I deposited the box with a number of my movement baggages with a Security and underwriter WHO render non-public diplomatic delivery service and that i told them that the 2 boxes area unit my movement luggage, that i would like to send forth to the State as a result of i am returning home, then i paid them up their custody and security fee, however i didn’t tell them that the boxes contain cash so as to form everything secure and safe.

I want the boxes sent to you whereas i catch up with you as shortly because it is been delivered to you.Babes we might meet and that we will begin a replacement life along. each arrangement for the delivery is ideal, I actually have obtained customs papers for personal freight and there area unit seals on the box showing that it’s a non-public delivery and check performed, it’s free from customs checks, it’ll be delivered at your door step by the diplomats of the safety company, you are doing not ought to die to receive it. and therefore the boxes have security codes lock proverbial to ME solely, solely ME will open the boxes, except if I tell anyone the Code, that the Boxes can not be opened on the means of delivery to you.

Therefore, i would like you to contact ME as shortly as attainable, in order that I will provide you with all my deposit details and knowledge for you to form the Clearance from the safety Company as my bride-to-be WHO is to receive my boxes within the State.Once the box gets to you, i will allow you to understand the lock codes to open the boxes and therefore the directions, then you’ll be able to open the boxes so as to own some cash sent to ME for my flight to the State.

Once i purchase there, we have a tendency to shall invest the money along and begin a replacement family, provided you’ll not scotch neither benefit of ME. I herewith promise half-hour of the overall fund for you to fulfill any personal desires and that i will get one thing finished the balance.

I am wishing on you with trust and i will appreciate your trust towards this.I hope to listen to from you and to fulfill you head to head. Please write ME as shortly as attainable, in order that I will provide you with the deposit details and therefore the contact of the safety company to rearrange the cargo ASAP.

With all care,


  1. Hey,

So all you’ll do on behalf of me to induce the boxes, is to write down to the security/ company because the receipient of my movement luggages , simply tell them you’re my bride-to-be and you would like my movement baggage sent to you in USA. as a result of i told them that it’s my movement luggages, and that i have fast the boxes with a security four codes, that forestall it from been open by a licensed person.

So i deposited the boxes with the safety company as a non-public cargo (free from checks) and it’ll be deliver to your door-step, you are doing not ought to die to receive. Therefore, below area unit my deposit details and therefore the contact of the safety company. you’ll be able to write to them to tell them that you simply wish the boxes delivered to you as shortly as attainable and raise them what proportion the clearance fee can price. I did pay them already the Deposit Fee Security Fee cargo Fee, solely the clearance fee is to be paid. Please, bear in mind to not tell the corporate that the boxes contains cash, solely say movement baggage of,(Miss Jessica Baxter)

N.B: while not you as well as this Depositing details in your mail, your mail won’t be acknowledge.


Deposit Ref#: GSC-POL-0669-PRVT3450

Clearance type Code: PRVT-3450-69GSC

Deposit Certificate #: 3450/PPPOL/234NG

Depositor: Miss Jessica Baxter


Contact Officer: Jude Peters (Custodian Managers)

Emails: [email protected]

Custodian Mangers Direct Phone: +2348063474560

So, you’ll be able to write to them and obtain back to ME ASAP. Please Baby you’ll facilitate pay them the clearance fee,and as shortly because the boxes get to you, i’ll allow you to understand the code and you’ll be able to have your cash from the boxes so send ME cash for my flight, therefore i may communicate and meet with you.

I wait your message as shortly as you contact the safety company.


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