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Tips of Writing a High School Essay Under Time Pressure

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Tips of Writing a High School Essay Under Time Pressure.

Tips of Writing a High School Essay… Many people work most effectively under the conditions of time pressure, with a severe shortage of time. Surely, you had to leave some work for the last moment, and most probably it was your high school essay writing assignment.

Tips of Writing a High School Essay

Here we will give you some tips on how to work under the severe time pressure, if you are not sure you will be able to submit your essay written timely. Maybe some of these rules are not applicable to your writing routine, but we are sure you will be able to choose the most relevant ones.

Analyse the Assignment and Break It into Pieces

Break up the amount of work into small components, for example, three types – those that can be done in half an hour, an hour and three. Why is this necessary? Often, when a mega task appears before us, it seems to draw dozens of small and medium-sized tasks with it — there is a phenomenon like “the phone is silent for two weeks, and then one day everyone calls and wants to meet.”

It is impossible to ignore the appearing tasks, as they distract from the main task, which is why different parts of it must be performed in short intervals, so as not to lose a precious minute.

Don’t get Stuck with a Preliminary Research

Of course, the information is very important, but it is because of it that the writing time can stretch, and the result will not be any better. It’s all about banal “sticking” to looking for information. You go from one source to another, start reading other people’s essays and articles, often not having anything to do with your topic, simply because they are interesting.

As a result, you collect enough information for a dissertation, and you need to shove it in 300-600 words. Because of this, the systematization of the material takes much longer, but still many of the findings will not be included in the article. And you have spent 15-20-30 minutes proofreading them!

Try to Eliminate or at Least Minimize Distractions

In any case, minimize the distractions: close all windows with social networks, put your smartphone away, and if someone is constantly talking in your dorm, put on your headphones. Try turning on some rhythmic music, preferably without words.

Try to Get Truly Engaged

Even if the topic of the article is not particularly interesting to you, you can always find something useful in it, make yourself interested, try to draw connections with your life, life of your peers. Perhaps you underestimate your ability to blend in.

Determine Your Most Efficient Writing Time

Each person has the best hours for work, ideas, creativity and recreation. Maybe your type (an owl or a lark) will not matter much, and you suddenly realize that it’s best to write early in the morning, and to think through new projects closer to the night.

Writers say that the most productive hours from 8.00 to 12.00 and after dinner hours to five in the evening. The morning hours, apparently, are most suitable for writing, which is confirmed by larks and owls.

Don’t Forget about Food and Rest

Of course, there is no time to cook under the time pressure, but, nevertheless, you need to monitor your diet — eating fast food all the time is very harmful — so you can receive problems with the digestive system.

Try to buy ready-made salads, eat cereals, nuts (they will give the necessary calories and support the brain during hard work), bitter chocolate, dairy products — all this is incomparably more useful than instant meals from the store and endless buns.

If you do not get enough sleep, you are not effective in the perspective of even a two-week work, especially if your time-pressure trouble lasts for a couple of months. Sleep certainly can not be neglected, so determine your minimum (for example, 6 hours) and strictly follow it it. The quality of sleep can deteriorate from long intensive work, so always go to bed in a ventilated room.

You know all about writing already, so we hope these tips add to your understanding of working under time pressure. It is better to learn how to do it now, than to get totally lost in college and university.

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NG Team.

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