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Spanish Navy Recruitment 2021/2022 and How to Apply

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Spanish Navy Recruitment 2021/2022 and How to Apply.

Spanish Navy Recruitment 2020… The academy is, since 1717, the sole specialised training centre for future military service officers. It’s a high degree instructional center with nineteen completely different syllabuses betting on the Corps selected and also the military or civilian origin of candidates.

Spanish Navy Recruitment

There exist two access models:

Spanish Navy Recruitment 2020

The first model is for direct access to the Navy and also the Marine Corps with no previous university degree.

Requirements: University Admission take a look at, sensible level of English and a particular psycho-physical exam. It’s a five-year tutorial course; once they conclude their studies, the midshipmen receive a double degree: a civil degree in applied science (Bologna) awarded by the Defense University addicted to the University of Vigo, and also the degree of Military Officers. Each with a work rate of 240 ECTS. (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

The second access model is for candidates with a university degree. They will be a part of all Corps as well as the Quartermasters and Engineer Corps. Those courses last from one to 2 years.

Requirements for Recruitment into the Spanish Navy.


  • With High School certificate and University Admission Exam , including 21 years at most.
  • With a University Degree and twenty-six years at most
    • English communication
    • Physo-physical tests
    • Medical check up

What Documentation Should I Submit?

For access to military standing of gob and Troop, you may solely need to present: a photocopy of the DNI and licensed photocopy of the upper level tutorial qualification needed by the requested place.

What is the Most Age to Access?

To enter the Navy as a gob or Troop military man, you want to be eighteen years archaic and have a most of twenty nine years on the date of connection the corresponding grooming Center.

What are the Soldier and Sailor Entry Requirements?

  • You have to be a citizen of either Spain or any other country.
  • Be eighteen years and meet, at the maximum, twenty-nine years the day of incorporation to the corresponding Military-Training-Center.
  • Ensure you’ve got no history of criminality
  • Be at least 155cm and below 203cm
  • Be in possession of the qualification needed for every position.
  • Overcome the tests that get established.

What are the Officer Entry Requirements?

  • Have Spanish nationality
  • Be eighteen years previous and not exceed the most age specified  by the corresponding decision.
  • Have no criminal history
  • Having passed the University exam.
  • Overcome the tests that confirm the standards for every enlistment procedure.

What’s the Non-commissioned Officer Entry Requirement?

  • Have Spanish nationality l
  • Have no criminal history
  • be in possession of the amount of study or of the desired qualification (senior technical degree, baccalaureate, technical degree of medium degree and having passed the precise coaching course, exam to the higher-level coaching cycles or proof of access to the university for over twenty five years);
  • pass the selective tests established within the corresponding calls and haven’t complied with or follow inside the year of the decision, at most, the ages indicated below, for admission to the final Corps and Marine Corps:
  • By promotion (for MTM), with previous demand of a senior technical degree, 33 years.
  • By promotion (for MTM), while not previous demand of the next technical degree, 31 years.
  • By direct access, with previous demand of a senior technical degree, 26 years.
  • By direct access, while not previous demand of a senior technical degree, 21 years.

Examinations or Tests

  • What tests do I actually have to beat to enter the Navy?

In general, you want to pass three tests: a medical checkup, some easy physical tests and a few psychology tests.

In addition, some knowledge exam is also enclosed in some selective processes.

  • What titles square measure taken into account?

Only official titles get reviewed

  • What medical tests get taken for admission as sailor or soldier?

The medical tests square measure the same as the standard check-up of the many corporations. They encompass a general medical checkup that includes: clinical history, general scrutiny, measurements (height and weight), respiratory organ listening, exploration of the move system, exploration of pressure level and pulse rate. The qualification of those tests is apt, not apt and not permanent.

  • What psychotechnical tests get taken for admission as sailor or soldier? What sorts of tests get used?

Psychotechnical tests get administered through tests that assess the talents of the candidates. On the results obtained within the take a look at are suggested on those revealed places that best suit their personal skills and preferences. 

The psycho-technical take a look at consists of the subsequent specific tests: verbal, numerical, spatial, mental testing and mechanical reasoning, perception-attention and memory.

  • What is the private interview for coming into as a sailor or soldier?

Once passed the medical checkup and also the psychology and physical tests, you may do the private interview. Based on the results you’ve got obtained and also the places you’ve got referred to, you’d be granted a private interview wherever the counselor will inform you of these places that best fit your personal skills and preferences. Throughout this interview, you’ll modify the places at first requested, furthermore as your order of preference.


What specialties are offered by the Navy for sailors and soldiers?

In the fleet a complete of fifteen completely different specialties square measure offered. These specialties vary from the foremost operative ones, that suppose a good resistance and physical effort, up to the foremost technical however not for that less relevant. Thus you’ll opt for the one that most closely fits you, consistent with the daring spirit you’ve got.

Selection Cycles

When would I be able to request participation  for the recruitment process?

You can request the previous appointment to participate procedure of recruitment of any cycle throughout the year, though the tests are done inside the choice amount appointed to the cycle you’ve got requested.

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