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Real Staffing Career Hiring Process 2022 and Application Requirements

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Real Staffing Career Hiring Process 2020 and Application Requirements.

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Real Staffing Hiring Process

Real Staffing Hiring Process 2020

Real Staffing Hiring Process 2020…Real Staffing is an international recruitment company, which operates across the UK, Mainland, North America, Europe, and Asia, distinguishing talents and identifying opportunity, Real Staffing place the best local and international talent across the following sectors: banking and finance, health care, engineering, IT, pharma and the public sector.

Real staffing focuses on building a strong relationship with both clients and candidates. It is the strength of these good relationships that help them work with leading organizations as well as offer their candidates more niche opportunities. Real staffing was founded in 1998 and has it headquarter in

London, England [UK]. To get more information about real staffing you can visit their website at www.realstaffing.com.

In this article, we are going to focus more on the hiring process of real staffing as well as their requirements and their jobs.

Real Staffing has a lot of Jobs but here we are going to list down just a few of them

  • Medical science liaison Dermatology
  • Key account manager
  • QC manager
  • Senior nosiness manager
  • Pro-master developer
  • Procurement specialist
  • Interim medical director
  • Clinical/regulatory affairs consultant
  • Interim director of finance
  • Product design engineer

To Work With Real Staffing, You Must Have the Following.

  • BSc in computer science
  • Your language of instruction must be English

Other Entry Requirements Include

  • A regular admission to a bachelor’s degree program requires the high school leaving certificate.
  • Candidates with a diploma or advanced diploma may be considered
  • You must have at least two years of postgraduate relevant experience
  • A copy of assorting or an identification card.

Candidates who do not meet the minimum entry requirements, may not be considered for the foundation program

The Real Staffing Hiring Process

Their internal hiring includes

  1. Job Posting

This is a procedure to inform employees that job opening exists. This step gives information about the available position, the required qualifications and instructions on how to apply. This serves as a way of announcing the job. Adequate job posting ensures that minority workers are aware of the opportunities in the organization.

2. Employees Referrals

Some managers feel that the best way to find top performers is to hire individual’s referred by employees. Some organizations pay a huge sum of money to employees for successful referrals.

3. External Recruitment

Candidate’s pools can be generated in different methods. Using the job criteria provided, an agency will generate the applicant pool and conduct the preliminary interviews, thereby screening unqualified candidates out and sending only those who are qualified.

4. Internet Recruiting

The Internet has been the most significant change in recruiting practices. Many companies post job openings on their web while some accept an online application, thereby eliminating the hard-copy application. Online recruiting has some advantages which include:

  • It cost less than traditional advertising
  • It is easy and quick to post an ad
  • Response arrive faster and in great quantity
  • A wider range of applications can be generated.

In this stage, applicants are screened and a selection test is administered, this reduces the HR time required to generate a pool of qualified candidates. Inter recruiting is popular with job seekers because the ease of submission help each of them to send out dozens of resumes with just a few clicks.

5. Recruitment for Diversity

Here, there is an equal employment opportunity, legislation outlaws discrimination based on color, race, national origin, gender, and disability age and so on. Recruiters who wish to develop a diverse workforce should ensure the use of recruiting methods that generate applications from different individuals.

The next part of their recruitment begins with applying. This part is known as the selection process. This involves choosing from a group of applicants the individual that is best suited for a particular position in the company. The hiring process in this part includes:

1. The Application

In this stage, candidates are asked to complete an application form. Applications are submitted along-side with curriculum vitae. The application form must include selection for the applicant name, telephone number, address, education, military background reference information, and work experience.

Space must be indicated for the applicant signature and a pre-printed statement that the signature indicates the applicant’s attestation that everything on the form is true.

2. Screening Interview

The screening interview is done by lots of companies, including real staffing. This interview is usually done by telephone. In this stage, the interviewer asks some straightforward questions, to determine the applicable job qualifications and appropriateness for the open position.

If that candidate is not appropriate for that position, the interviewer may refer the applicant to another open position within the company, if there is any position that matches with the candidate’s skills if there is no other post; the candidate is unqualified for the position. This process saves both the applicant and the company the time and expense of going further in the selection process.

3. Selection Test

In this stage, decisions are made about a potential employee. There are methods used to determine if the candidate has the potential to be successful on the job. This test is used to identify applicants that cannot be determined in an interview process. A properly designed test is reliable, standardize and valid in predicting a candidate success on the job.

4. Interviewing Candidates

The interview is a verbal test for candidates. The replies are subject to interpretation by the interviewer and can have a huge potential for error, this depends on the question asked the answers and the interviewer’s personal bias.

This stage involves questions like; tell me about your past experience, the work you do in your field and so on, allowing the applicant to express his or her thoughts that might be important to the job.

5. Individual Interview

In this stage, the candidates meet with higher bodies in the company for a personal interview. Candidates are made to meet with a team or the panel for further questioning.

6. Back Verification and Reference Check

Once the selection decision is made, information provided by the candidate must be verified, and the candidate references must be checked. References are checked to get accurate information on the company’s new hire. Before a background check is conducted, candidates are made to sign the proper release forms.

7. Making the Job Offer

This may be extended on phone, letter or in person. The job offer is always handled by the HR department. This stage, the salary, and benefits will be discussed and further conditions must be met.

At this point, the new hire will receive a realistic job preview. The successful candidate has the right to pick up the offer or decline if not comfortable with the terms and condition.

In conclusion, the Real Staffing company is one of the outstanding organization which their workers have great benefits. Any individual who has an interest in working with the company, with the help of this article, such an individual will get to know the various requirements and also have an idea of their hiring process.

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