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Osun state student peaceful protest, 3 fainted and 15 arrested by police

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“The best of comrade is he who believes that we must be
firm and rigid in fighting for our rights and also we live to
fight another war”.
Today 12th of October, 2020 is a day that every comrades,
residents and the government of Osun state will never
Distinguished leaders in the house, powerful comrades that
took part in today protest and ever dynamic Nigerian
students that stood up on their feet to fight for their right
and the entire executives of NANS Osun axis.
I greet you all in the name of peace, liberty and freedom for
all our state institution which is an interest greater than any
cause we have been fighting for.
The protest started exactly after 90am today. As our
comrades from different schools are arriving and gathering
in order to map out our plans and the way we want the
protest to be.
SUG presidents of state institutions, gallant leaders and
valiant comrades with the entirety of Nigerian students
present here today display their boldness by coming out en
mass for the protest which I believe is a total success.
The protest started well and it was a peaceful protest.
Comrades started to mobilize by singing Aluta songs and
chanting of various words to display their aggressiveness
towards the un cultured and despotic way state institutions
and Placards were displayed just to inform the whole people
of Osun that we are not hooligans neither are we touts but
students of Osun state institutions.
Our comrades marched towards the state secretariat with
their Aluta spirit moving with nothing but passion and great
feeling of re-opening our campuses that are de generating
due to different stages of strike.
The purpose of the strike and our agenda was written on
placards which are br /> Re-opening our campuses
Funding of our state institutions
Do not merge our institutions together
Under staffing of our campuses
Inadequate social amenities
Meet the demands of our lecturers
We are tired of staying at home
and many more.
The protest was so peaceful but full of courageous display
by gallant comrades. We were about to reach the state
house of assembly when Nigerian police starts to shoot tear
gas at us. We were humiliated by the Nigerian police. Our
people suffer at their hands. Comrades were beaten without
committing any atrocities and without destroying the
property of the state.
Despite all the humiliation and suffering inflicted on our
dear people yet comrades on ground refused to retreat.
Kerosene were brought to the Aluta ground and comrades
used the kerosene to wash their face to prevent the tear gas
from affecting them.
When the Nigerian Police noticed that despite all what they
have done. Our valiant and gallant comrades refused to
retreat, the police started to draw closer to us shooting tear
gas without stopping and we were moved back with force.
Despite all our means of displaying why we are protesting,
the police never stopped in attacking us with tear gas and
beating our comrades with boots and batons. It was until
when we were attacked by force and chased by police with
guns that was when we started to move. Unfortunately, we
were double crossed by another group of policemen with
tear gas shooting sporadically in the air. We were humiliated
and attacked. Many comrades were injured and few were
beaten. Our girls went through a lot and our boys also went
through a lot.
Despite every hurdles, we passed our information across to
every nooks and crannies of the state. We ensured that at
least today joined every other histories of protest in osun.
Despite the humiliation and the suffering, our people
remained intact and our strength increased all because our
desire for success at today’s protest was greater than our
fear for failure. We demonstrated an act of courage and we
show the own people of os un that we are bold. We fight ed
like a combats.
Police have arrested 15 students and three fainted as a
result of mass exposure to tear gas. We were teared by the
police and our people were assaulted. This is unfair, illegal
and total wrong for any minded individual to dwell in this
habit of despotism.
Comrades are converging at the police station as at 40pm
for the release of our arrested students. Gunshots were
sprayed but no one is dead in the cause of struggle. It is my
painful duty to announce that as at now, some students
were arrested and some fainted because of tear gas and
many were injured all because we protested against the
wrong doing of the government. It is our right to protest and
it is compulsory that our voice must be heard.
ALUTA BUS of Esa- Oke was taken into custody by the police
and also the ALUTA BUS of IREE was taken into custody by
the police.
We were victimized by the police and we were threaten by
armor tank and yet.
I thank every leaders present in today’s protest and every
comrades and osun state students. I hereby states that we
are more than being defeated, and surely we live to fight
another war.
God bless every Nigerian students.

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