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JAMB 2022: How To Smash 300+ In JAMB

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In a twinkle of an eye or let me say within a short time, JAMB will start selling their form again, and you know what? Million of candidates are going to purchase the form together with you.

To keep it short, i will say you are competing with over one million candidates. You might be thinking how it is over one million candidates, let me break or dismantle it down to your level.

Last year, it was reported by JAMB that over 1.7million candidates applied for UTME, out of this multitude, universities in Nigeria will accept maximum of 600,000 candidates altogether. Do the math yourself then you see the candidates that will be left without admission. Now let us say half of those candidates that were denied admission,will partake in the upcoming UTME together with the new set of candidates. I will leave you to do the math all by yourself. Looking at the number of candidates that will partake in the upcoming UTME, there are chances that you might be admitted and there are also chances that you might be denied admission.

This is left to you, but u want to be of help, i mean i want to assist you. What type of assistance are you thinking about? No no, not that kind of assistance, so far you can read English Language then you should know that i specialize in assisting candidates by giving out helpful and useful tips. I hope you find it helpful and useful as I do.

You all know the frustration of writing JAMB again and again, well if you don’t, i do. I wrote JAMB twice before gaining admission into the university. The earlier you realize how frustrating it is, the better. I have not started my assistance which I’d promised, all what you have been reading is just the intro of this ebook.I hope you don’t mind the way i write, i just want this E-book as engaging as possible. I hope you are ready to read what i have for you, don’t be surprised or should i say don’t be disappointed if what you see are things you already know but for those who don’t know this things, you will be glad you read all this.

Now, the time has come to start telling you things you need to know. You are ready? If yes, let’s ride on. If no, then i don’t know what to say.


1. Read your book.
2. Know that JAMB is once in a year.
3. Attend tutorials.
4. Find the right method of reading.
5. Minimize and utilize time spent on social media.
6. Practice makes perfect.
7. Create a time-table.
8. Go extra miles.
9. Put aside that JAMB stigma.


You want to pass an exam, do you think that it will be possible without reading the required books, when i say the required books i refer to JAMB recommended textbooks for each subjects.

Tell me, what were you expecting me to say,you think i will say kneel down and let me pray to your God? Even God said He will help those that help themselves, my question for you is that, in what way have you have yourself? If you are a new comer to UTME, you might not understand what i am saying, go and ask those who have been writing UTME for more than two times now.

They will tell you the regret they have which is refusal to read their books. You can’t expect to reap where you have not sown, you can’t vomit what you have to taken into your body, the same also applies to reading, you can’t know what you have not read or seen. It is just like being asked to define E.M.F (i know this will be strange to the art and commercial students, even some science students) ,you can’t expect art and commercial students to define it simply because they are not familiar to the word which is in physics.

If you get my point, then kudos to you, but if you don’t, read this post again,i will be waiting for you. Once again, i repeat read your books, the little you read might be what you will see during your UTME CBT exam.


You might thinking if i am ins*ne when writing this sub topic, but i want you to look beyond the sub topic and you will know what i am really trying to pass across to you.

Have it in mind that if you fail this upcoming UTME exam, then you will have to wait for one year before you experience another one, then you will know i meant by frustration. When i say frustration, i mean the harsh words you will receive from your parents everyday, the kind of envy you will have upon your friends who are already in school and lastly which is common, your friends has gotten new friends of the same level, you would be left aside until you meet up with that level.

You should make this your motivation, the truth is that there is always one person that will determine if you fail or pass and that person is YOU of course. Yes you.

Your preparation determines your JAMB success. I repeat once again, endeavour to pass JAMB once and for all.


Look here, you need to get things right, there is a huge difference between reading your book and attending tutorials. Although the two contributes to your JAMB success but they play different roles.

I know the question you have in mind is how are they different?, although you go to tutorials to receive lectures which is the same thing as reading. But i will tell you that you can’t be an island of knowledge as they say. There are some topics that you will find boring or cumbersome for reading but going to the tutorial and your tutor to explain it for you, if the tutor is an experienced one, then you have no problem but if it is otherwise then i remain mute.
Attend tutorials for the right reason not for the wrong reason which you know what i am talking about. Some research concludes that we tend to know more when we explain to other person, so always be ready to explain a particular topic to your fellow mates.


We, as human being have different methods of doing things. Reading is one of them. Different candidates with different method of reading.

Some candidate might decide to read in the midnight while some might decide to read in the day time,some might decide to read in quiet environment while some might decide to wear earpiece while reading, whatever way you read, the main thing is that you choose the one that suit you. If a particular method is not working for you, then try another method.

As for me, i will recommend the method of reading in the night, why? The night is so silent and nobody will disturb you. In case you have not been following, i repeat, find the method of reading that is suitable for you.


This is a million dollar truth. Social media have done more damage than good to our educational system and to the student themself. Students no longer find time to read again, all they do is to chat on facebook, twitter and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, i didn’t say you should not chat or tweet but minimize the time you spend on them and utilize them for reading. The truth is that you choose either social media that might damage you or reading of your books that might bring success. Choose one.


I don’t need to tell you this or convince you about this, you should have heard “practice makes perfect” before now. The same thing applies to preparation foe any kind of exam including UTME.

Do you know why you know how to walk? When you were little, you might have fallen many times you tried to walk but due to persistence and practice, here you are now, walking up and down. The same thing applies to reading, you cannot just read a textbook once and expect to know everything you read once.

Even the so-called genius read more than once to he able to know what they know. I laugh at those students that will start reading a week before the exam. The week before your exam is meant for you to revise all what you have read.


This is very important and relevant if you want to have a success in the upcoming UTME exam. You should understand that this time-table os important.

For the fact that nobody will scold or beat you if you go against the time-table doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be sincere with it. Don’t play with your success or let me use the word meddle. Follow the time-table diligently and you will be surprise with the way things will work out for you.

I repeat, don’t deceive yourself, be sincere with yourself.


When i say you should go extra miles, what i really mean is that you should go beyond reading. You can do this by making research about a particular subject or topic online by Google search.

You can also go extra mile by answering some possible questions under a particular topic. This reminds me of UTME past questions, endeavour to answer all the questions from each year. You never can say, you might be answering your upcoming UTME questions.


Yeah, students has also placed stigma on JAMB. The stigma is that JAMB is synonymous to failure. The moment you put the stigma aside and prepare tirelessly for UTME, then you are walking toward your success.

Let me tell you something in contrary to what you believe, it doesn’t take a genius ti pass UTME, even brilliant ones fail if the refuse to prepare. Just be ready to follow all what i have told you.

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