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Italian Army Recruitment for Foreigners 2022 and Entry Application

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Italian Army Recruitment for Foreigners 2020 and Entry Application.

The Carabinieri TPC

  1. Officers in permanent service with a standard role:

These get recruited from teenagers with the right qualifications World Health Organization with success pass a public examination followed by:

  • – a 2 year course at the Modena Academy;
  • – a 3 year course at the Carabinieri Officers’ college graduating with a Degree in Law and rank of Lieutenant.
  1. Officers in permanent service with a specialized role:

These get hand-picked by public examination and qualifications from:

– Officers with a pair of years service or discharged that haven’t reached the age of thirty two on thirty first Oct of the year of the general public examination;

– Warrant Officers deputizing as Public Security Officers, initial and Second Class Warrant Officers with a highschool credential, which is higher than average grade to the previous two-year service time, from twenty six to forty years as at the date of the general examination.

  1. Officers in Permanent Service performing technically logistic duties:

These square measure recruited by public examinations and qualifications from Italian voters, male or feminine, less than thirty two years ancient as at the general public examination date with a Degree compatible with the subsequent specialist areas:

  • Administration;
  • Economics;
  • drugs – Pharmacy;
  • Veterinary Surgery;
  • Psychology;
  • Communications;
  • Engineering;
  • Forensics.

The candidates have succeeded get appointed to the rank of Lieutenant then Captain at the tip of the primary year of the course.

  1. Auxiliary Officers with performing technically logistic duties:

These get recruited by public examination and qualifications from Italian voters, male or female of less than thirty-two years ancient at the general public examination date, with a high-school credential for the rank of Auxiliary Lieutenant, of Special Role Lieutenant, or a degree in one among the specialized areas needed by the general examination for the rank of Technical-Logistic Auxiliary Lieutenant. The candidates have succeeded get appointed officers at the tip of the sixteen week most coaching amount.

Auxiliary Officers progression path is as follows:

  • – when eighteen months request for a 1 year extension;
  • – participation, if beneath thirty four years ancient and counting on qualifications, publicly examinations for the achievement of Officers in Permanent Service, either in Special or Technical-Logistic roles.

A proportion, capable 80 percent of the on the available positions, get put aside for the Auxiliary Officers in worthy service within the Force in public examinations for the enlistment of Officers in Permanent Service within the Technical-Logistic role.

  1. Warrant Officers

Term of service Warrant Officers and people in permanent service within the Carabinieri Force square measure recruited as follows:

A proportion, which amounts to 60 percent get recruited by public examination and attend 2-year course that the subsequent might participate:

– Sergeants, Lance-corporals, Carabinieri, Cadets, Auxiliary Carabinieri and Auxiliary Cadets and Reserve Officers in possession of the mandatory qualifications:

– Italians between the ages of eighteen and twenty six, or twenty eight if they’ve completed service and twenty- nine for females, with the subsequent requisites:

  • in possession of the correct to vote and be electoral to place and with a high-school credential which can are earned within the same year because the public examination; single, unmarried or married with over twenty six years of age;
  • with the mandatory good condition needs, not but one.65 metres tall (1.61 metres for women) and not discharged or thought-about as briefly unfit for military service;
  • not sentenced for premeditated crime or beneath judicial preventive measures;in possession of the ethical and behavioral needs in accordance with Art. twenty six of Law no.53 of lst Feb 1989, and private data;
  • not discharged from the defense force and associated organizations or pink-slipped from public entities; not accepted by the civil defence service (Law eighth July 1988, no.230);

b. For the remaining 40 percent of positions, Sergeants, Lance Corporals and Carabinieri have eligibility to participate in an enclosed examination followed by a coaching amount of not but half-dozen months.

III. Brigadiers

These get recruited by internal examination followed by a coaching course of not but three months duration:

– for seventieth of the posts on the market by qualifications solely, reserved for Lance Corporals;

– for half-hour of the posts on the market, by public examinations and relevant qualifications, reserved for the ranks of personal top notch, Corporals, Carabinieri and Carabinieri in Permanent Service with a minimum of seven years of service.


The Carabinieri in commission square measure recruited as follows:

  1. – by public examination and relevant qualifications followed by a 1 year coaching course in line with the decree D.Lgs. no.198/1995 (as proclaimed in Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana – 4^ Serie Speciale – no. 92, nineteenth November 1999);
  2. – examinations reserved for Temporary Volunteers (VFB);
  3. – normal – in accordance with Decree of the President of the Republic no. three2/1997 for those that can join the Force when serving 3 years within the Army and a later coaching course;
  4. – temporary – in line with Article twenty one, Law twenty eighth Gregorian calendar month 2001, no. 448 for those that have served in permanent service for three years within the Army with a minimum of a pair of years service as a short lived Volunteer (VFB) having participated within the necessary coaching courses;
  5. – admission within the four years amount of service for the Auxiliary Carabinieri, at the tip of service when fulfilling fitness needs and ability tests in line with Decree D.Lgs no. 198/1995 and having with success passed the desired coaching course.

How to be part of the Italian Army

The Italian Army has created several strides to construct its image when being called a fascist force in warfare II.

The Army of the state of European country (Esercito Italiano) is associate elite fighting force that has contend a crucial role in each major conflict of the twentieth Century. The Italian military could be a extremely disciplined cluster, and European country is extremely selective concerning Army recruits. The necessities square measure completely different counting on whether or not you’re below or higher than the age of eighteen, however most significantly you may have to be compelled to be associate Italian national before you decide to be part of.

Below Age Eighteen

Contact your native Italian Army achievement workplace in no matter county of European country you are in, and raise to talk to a achievement officer.

Enroll in associate Italian academy if you’re a minimum of 5-feet 5-inches (1.66 meters) tall, and in acceptable physical form. you may have to be compelled to confirm whether or not you’re in acceptable physical form by chatting with the achievement officer concerning the amount of rigorous testing you may have to be compelled to endure.

Complete electric battery of mental and physical tests at the academy. The tests perpetually amendment from month to month, and a few tests square measure completely different counting on the actual specialty you’re meaning to within the Italian Army. If you’re trying to be a crack shot, you may have to be compelled to meet completely different challenges than if you’re trying to be a sergeant, for instance.

Joining When Age Eighteen

Contact your native Italian Army recruiting workplace and request data on connection the military beneath VPF1 standing.
Enter the military as a VPF1 if you meet all needs relating to good condition, minimum height and Italian citizenship. you may be needed to serve for one year.

Apply for VPF4 standing if you’re approaching completion of your annual VPF1 term. you may be ready to extend your service by four extra years if approved.

You need to be associate Italian citizien, speak Italian fluently, be associate age between eighteen and twenty five years recent, have completed the middle school if you wish to be a non-public, or the highschool if you wish to be associate NCO or a CO. you will not be thought-about fit service if you commited against the law, you’re not loyal to the Italy ideals, otherwise you have a tatoo that may be seen whereas you wear the summer uniform or show a political or racial message.

Visit the positioning of the Esercito Italiano for additional information.
As so much for connection the military, you would like to form associate account on the positioning of the Ministero della Difesa (Ministry of defense). Then you would like to attend for a “concorso”. A concorso is largely a post that seem on the positioning, that announce that the defense force square measure recruiting this variety of men for this role. the positioning contain directions concerning however connection a concorso. arbitrarily assumptive that you just need to hitch as a non-public, you would like to attend for the concorso referred to as “vfp1” (which mean that you just can be part of the military for one year). Follow the directions for connection the concorso, then wait.

Every concorso vpf1 contain a document referred to as “bando”, that could be a list of all the necessities, however the picks work, and that papers you would like. keep in mind to scan it before doing something. you’ll conjointly transfer them from a closed concorso (one was closed this year).

They will analyze the papers of each guy, then decide World Health Organization will strive the choice. i do not keep in mind however they’re going to communicate that. They post an inventory of the lads that they accepted on another document beneath the concorso, however i do not recognize if they’re going to conjointly send you associate email or decision you by phone. Anyway, {they can|they’re going to|they’ll} tell once and wherever you would like to travel for the picks (they will decide World Health Organization accept as true with a score sistem. Stuff sort of a credential, or a driving licence can increase your score. they’re going to choose the individuals with the best score).

Go to your destination, then head for the Centro di Selezione (Selection Centre), wherever you may create the picks. The picks can last 2 days, you’ll sleep on the Centre or on a close-by edifice. If you pass the choice, you may be admitted as a vpf1, and that they can send you on a RAV (Training Volunteers Regiment), wherever you may serve for one year.

If you will not pass the picks, don’t be angry: many folks ought to strive three or four times before being admitted. typically there square measure three concorsi vfp1 annually however, if you fail, you cannot be part of subsequent vpf1. If you fail the primary vpf1 of the year, you may ought to let the second vpf1 pass, then be part of the third one.

The VPF1 isn’t hard: they’re going to offer you the essential coaching and show you the way the military life is. when the vpf1, you’ll leave as a soldier, be part of the police, or be part of the vpf4. Vpf4 means you may be part of the military for different four years, wherever they’re going to you the specialised coaching (infantry, paratroopers, tank or whirlybird crew…). When the Vpf4, you may become a vsp (volunteer on permanent service). Currently you’re within the Army till retirement (or till they kick you out).

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