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Impressive Story of Nairobi Housemaid who Became Mechanic

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Impressive Story of Nairobi Housemaid who Became Mechanic.

Education news very often tells exciting and unusual stories. Like the one, we want to tell you about today. The story is about Pasaka from Muhoroni, Kisumu who dropped school in the second form, was working as a housemaid, and quit this job after acquiring the necessary engineering skills to become a mechanic. Sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it?

Impressive Story of Nairobi Housemaid who Became Mechanic

Keep reading the story and read other useful and incredibly exciting educational news and stories.

After acquiring the necessary skills in the engineering field, the young woman got a job of a mechanic and now diagnoses cars at a garage in Nairobi. Pasaka promises that if she will have funds for the further education she will continue her studies at the degree level. The girl has some inspirational ideas to share with other women in the country.

Winnie Pasaka at her age probably would be a student of the second or third year of education at one of the universities in Nairobi, but the life has prepared for her another path. Now she a mechanic struggling for her place under the sun. She knows what poverty is, and the girl had a lot of bitter moment during her 21 years of old.

In 2013, the girl had to quit her education in school because of the lack of the school fees. She told that this situation put her professional dreams far, but the girl didn’t give up, was positive minded and was sure that one day her dreams would come true. Of course, she understands that the fact that she has ended her secondary education prematurely will make the path to her dreams rather thorny.

To support her family and get out the poverty at the age of 17, Winnie Pasaka has traveled to Mombasa to do household help. The girl has admitted that this job hardly could be called an easy one, but she was not afraid of hard work. Also, Pasaka reviled that this experience was a challenging one not only because of the inhumane conditions but also because some employers used her for their selfish benefits.

Her life changed when in Mombasa she has met a technician who introduced a mechanic job to her and inspired her to change the life. Winnie Pasaka told how it was all going on when she was working in Mombasa. She was finishing her household duties by 9 am and then rushed to the garage where she acquired the mechanic skills. The training at the garage finished early in the morning, and the girl again was rushing to pick up her employer’s children to school and ensure that the kids have returned home safely and in time.

After several months of such rushing and training at the garage, the girl has quit her job and returned to Nairobi, where she was lucky to be hired in one of a motor vehicle garages along Jogoo Road as an auto mechanic.

Now Winnie is enjoying her job and is treated very well. Someone will say that this job involves a lot of dirt and so is not for a girl. But the young lady really loves her job and advises other girls/women not to crave for easy money.

Hope, you have enjoyed education news today and the story of Winnie Pasaka, who is dreaming of acquiring a degree in the engineering field to reach new heights in the sphere of mechanics. We wish this brave and persistent girl to achieve her goal and advise you to make steps in the direction of your dreams.

NG Team.

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