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How to Write a Meaningful Condolence Letter to Your Client

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How to Write a Meaningful Condolence Letter to Your Client.

Grief has a way of affecting even the most seemingly strongest of us. Losing a loved one no matter how old has never been easy. If you are a business person or part of a business, firm or company, there are certain periods when your clients might lose a loved one or staff even and it is important to show them that you care beyond the business you transact with them.

How to Write a Meaningful Condolence Letter

How to Write a Meaningful Condolence Letter

When writing a condolence letter, it is important to state that you understand they are grieving. Don’t make your letter seem too patronizing but don’t belittle the loss either.

Make it obvious that you are writing on behalf of your company. Use “we”, “us”, “our ” and such pronouns instead of “I” , “me”, “my” and “mine”.

Always reinstate the fact that you care about your client and their wellbeing. This makes the client feel valued and, of course, clients who feel valued would always do even more business with you.

Whenever you can try to insert and extol the good qualities of your client and what you have noticed about them.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t ask questions like, “What happened? How did your mother die?” so as to respect the privacy of your client. Be content with whatever they are willing to divulge to you. People grieve in many ways and they have reasons for keeping certain information to themselves.

Also offer to help in any way you can. Even if the offer is turned down, it is courteous to have offered to lend a hand which is certainly business savvy and a good public/customer relations practice.

You can offer to cover certain costs or services as long as the company can cover it at no negative impact to its finance or work force.

Here are examples of how you can lend a hand to your client.

Example 1: If you offer services like graphics design, page making or even event planning services , you could offer to undertake it for your client during the funeral rites of their deceased loved one at a discount rate.

So you could add this in the condolence letter, “ The management of the company would cover the cost of the graphic design which would be needed for publicity and other things during the course of the burial arrangement.”

If you sell products which are edible or consumable you could also give as much as you can afford. You could state something along this line; “ The management of the company have decided we would make a bag of rice and ten bottles of ASCOM wine available to you the aid you in the course of the burial arrangement.”

With that stated, I would give you a sample of a condolence letter to your client to help put it in perspective.

Sample of a Meaningful Condolence Letter to Your Client.

Dear Mr. Kingsley Benjamin,

       It is with despair that we received the sad news of your sister passing away during child birth yesterday. Our public relations officer received the news yesterday and passed the information across to the management of our company.

       The passing on of any human being is sad and it is even worse when the person who passed on is a loved one who is in the prime of their live, it is even more saddening. We also are aware that she left behind kids of her own.

       During the course of our business dealings, it has become common knowledge to every member of our staff that you have a positive outlook of life, a zestful persona and as open as can be. Our the years, you have become even more than just a cherished client but a friend of our company as attested by our staff who are always excited to see you.

       One behalf of the management and staff of Ascom Marketing Company, we pray that the good Lord grants you the fortitude to bear the dear loss and you find consolation in our condolence messages and those of others you have been receiving.

       We hope you heal as soon as possible and get back to being a source of joy and inspiration to all and sundry.

Looking forward to continuously interacting with and doing business with you as always.

Once again, do accept our heartfelt regards.

Yours sincerely,

Kingsley Mark.

For and on behalf of Ascom Marketing Company.

NG Team.

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