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How to Study Abroad in 2022 | USA, UK, CANADA AND CHINA Application Guid

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How to Study Abroad in 2020 | USA, UK, CANADA AND CHINA Application Guides.

This is a comprehensive guide on “How to study abroad in either USA, UK, CANADA AND CHINA for 2020” Explore…

How to Study Abroad in 2020

How to Study Abroad in 2020


Admission Requirements.

  1. Reference Letter (From two teachers or employers)
  2. O-Level Result Card (2 copies)
  3. A-Level Result (2 copies)
  4. First degree & transcripts (2 copies): If you have done bachelor degree.
  5. Personal statement
  6. CV (mostly optional)
  7. Two PP size photos
  8. Two copies of passport
  9. Two Copies of IELTS / TOEFL

Visa Requirements.

  1. Evidence of student’s or sponsor’s funded account.
  2. A loan in the student’s name.
  3. Official financial or government sponsorship.
  4. Student’s Parents bank statement. 
  5. Stamped copies of bank statements (2)
  6. All educational documents in original including IELTS/ TOEFL
  7. Birth Certificate



Admission Requirements


  1. Recommendation Letter
  2. O-Level Result (2 copies)
  3. A-Level Result (2 copies)
  4. First degree & transcripts (2 copies):  where applicable
  5. Postgraduate degree & transcripts (2 copies):  where applicable
  6. Job letter (if any)
  7. Personal statement
  8. CV (mostly optional)
  9. Two PP size photos
  10. Two copies of passport
  11. Two Copies of IELTS / TOEFL
  12.  A C grade in mathematics is required for computer science and engineering courses.
  13. A bank letter from your sponsor’s bank stating that the account holder (sponsor) is having funds in his/her.
  14. Sponsor’s Affidavit/Letter stating that he/she is willing to bear all the educational and living expenses of the student throughout his/her study abroad period.
  15. Sealed and stamped documents validated by the former school(s)
  16. www.wes.org should be used to validate Masters documents.

Visa Requirements

 When you will submit application at American Express you need following documents.

  1. Form DS-156 completely filled.
  2. Form DS-157 completely filled.
  3. Form DS-158 completely filled.
  4. Form applicant’s parent’s information completely filled.
  5. Photocopy of form I-20.
  6. Receipt of Home office fee payable after visa confirmation  (100 USD)
  7. Visa application fee in cash
  8. Two pictures with white background. Size 2 inches x 2 inches (50mmx50mm).
  9. Passport in original with photocopy.
  10. National ID card in original.
  11. Complete details of your family 
  12. Appointment letter.
  13.  All educational documents in original with each photocopy
  14. Sponsor letter
  15. Sponsor’s bank statement
  16. Any other financial documents of your sponsor
  17.  University/College offer letter (I-20/acceptance letter).
  18. .National ID card in Original.


General Admission requirements

  1. Recommendation  Letter (From 2 lecturers or employers): Letter ought to say that the  teacher has better-known you from previous years and you’ve got been a awfully sensible student of his category etc.
  2. O-Level result (2 copies)
  3. A-Level Result (2 copies)
  4. Degree & transcripts (2 copies): now applies to you if you’ve got done bachelor degree.
  5.  Postgraduate degree & transcripts (2 copies): Where applicable.
  6. Job letter (experience letter if any)
  7. Personal statement
  8. CV (mostly optional)
  9. 2 PP size photos
  10. 2 copies of passport
  11. 2 Copies of IELTS / Toefl / PTE Result

Visa Requirements

  1. Visa application.
  2. Student family form
  3. Visa fee Canadian embassy payment slip.
  4. Four photos: Size 35mm x 45mm(with white background)
  5. Passport in original having half-dozen months validity at the time of applying visa
  6. All Admission letters from University
  7. Teacher Recommendation letters.
  8. Personal Statement
  9. IELTS / TOEFL results.
  10. All academic Documents in Original from matriculation onward with all Character Certificates.
  11. Job letter if student doing job + CV.
  12. Police character
  13. Health Certificate
  14. Proof of Job / business of the Sponsor
  15. Documents of Agricultural Land of sponsor just in case of agricultural business.
  16. Sponsor Bank Statements (Personal + Business)
  17. It’d be ideal if the sponsor transfer one year tuition and one year living to the student’s own checking account before applying the visa as several days as are often.
  18. If Sponsor lives in different country together aside the USA, additionally get copy of passport & Copy of citizenship.

Note: Visas are often applied most ninety days and minimum thirty days from the category beginning date.



♦ Research your choices


Having a deep data of the B-Schools in China can modify you to create up on call concerning your management education. Therefore what area unit the items to contemplate after you area unit viewing a B-School in China


♦ Complete your application


Different colleges have totally different necessities for the applying procedure. Except handing in your GMAT results, you would like to transport the formal Letter of Admission, that takes a minimum of eight to ten weeks when the applying point in time.


♦ Student visa , types and requirements.


There are unit 2 sorts of X-visa reckoning on your meant amount of keep.

  1. X1-Visa is issued to those that will study in China for over one hundred eighty days;
  2. X2-Visa is issued to those that will study in China for no over one hundred eighty days.

Once applying for each X1-Visa and X2-Visa, provide:

  1. Original and photocopy of the Admission Letter issued by a college.,
  2. A photocopy of the passport, Visa form and your visa exposure should be submitted.
  3. X1-visa candidates shall conjointly prepare the first and photocopy of “Visa Application for Study in China” (Form JW201 or kind JW202)

Scholarships and aid

There are several scholarships and aid offered by the grad school in China. Search universities’ websites to seek out useful tips and recommendation on the applying method.




♦ Preparing your application


You could start here

Mainland China: http://cs.mfa.gov.cn/wgrlh/lhqz/lhqzjjs/t1095035.shtml

Hong Kong: https://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/visas/study.html#firstTab

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