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How to Start a Nursery and Primary School in Nigeria

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How to Start a Nursery and Primary School in Nigeria.

People over the years have increasingly had the need to enroll their kids and wards in private nursery and primary schools in Nigeria. Nigeria’s birth rate keeps increasing every year and there’s even more need to enroll these children in schools where the parents feel they would be better molded and instilled with the right skills at the formative years of their lives.

How to Start a Nursery and Primary School

How to Start a Nursery and Primary School in Nigeria

This need has even before more evident with the lesser priority government is giving to primary education in Nigeria and with the nonchalance of the government school authorities. This didn’t used to be so though as the best schools in the pass where either government-owned or missionary owned but all of that has changed now, sadly, for the worse.

The overall perception of the general public is that the quality of education in private schools ( especially private nursery and primary schools is better  compared to government schools which are overcrowded, with poor facilities and infrastructures.

Sending ones kids to public faculties is equally thought to be proof of impoverishment. Therefore, each parent struggle to send their kids to any out there school, doesn’t matter if that one is even worse than the general public faculty as long because it is termed ‘Private school’.

I’ve seen somebody World Health Organization solely manage to feed few years past become a rich person through the little nursery and first faculty he borrowed cash to start out.

Some of the most affordable nursery and first faculties in areas like metropolis charges nothing but N7,000 as faculty fees, whereas sensible ones charge from N30,000 to the maximum amount as N500,000 faculty fees per term (I pay N175,000 for my 3years previous female offspring per term)just to find out A.B.C

If in your own school business you charge N10,000 per term and you’ve got two hundred pupil, the number you may be obtaining from faculty fees is ten,000 x two hundred = a pair of,000,000 Nigerian monetary unit per term and it wouldn’t take you quite 1,000,000 Nigerian monetary unit to run such faculty each term.

Now you’ll be able to see that investment in (Nursery and Primary) school business could be a worthy investment with tight profit returns? If you’re able to hit the bottom and acquire started, here area unit the fundamental needs.

1. Purchase or rent a land or building in a residential neighbourhood

Prices of landed property varies from place to put however you’ll be able to get land in some developing areas of  Port Harcourt, Abuja, Ibadan or Lagos between the price range of N800, 000000 to N2,400,000. Don’t buy lands in isolated places which is not a residential neighbourhood as no parent would wish to patronize you in such location.

Due the inherent risk concerned in child’s movement, parent can like a college that’s at intervals their home, and for straightforward develop of their kids.

2. If you purchased a land, build the school

The cost of building depends on the scale and quality of the building you intends to construct. Your Engineer are able to place you thru during this, seat down with him to debate it properly.

Make sure the classrooms, restrooms, closets, libraries and playground are spacious enough because kids love space and there may be those who are claustrophobic too. It is also to avoid overcrowding which might cause unhygienic conditions.Water is extremely essential and you wish many it in your faculty, get borehole that would provide you water whenever you want it.

3. Stock and decorate the classrooms with the needed equipments

Apart from the conventional chairs and tables (which you’ll be able to get Carpenters to try and do for you at a really reduced price) you furthermore mght got to equip your lecture rooms with pc and different learning aids, oldsters are happier to pay after they see that your categories area unit properly equipped.

You need many toys and different gadgets that’s used for children’s education and educator. you wish video and huge screen TV all told the lecture rooms, to not play movies except for taking part in instructional videos and typically, cartoon betting on the the category and therefore the children’s age.

Buy bus if you plan to supply decide and drop which nearly required for each school since most guardians would demand for it.  A fairly-used bus goes for at least N700,000. The bus you purchase should be presentable and conducive for the kids.

4. Qualified teachers and handlers should be employed

If you’re simply the businessman of the nursery and first faculty, you are doing not want any formal qualifications however if you’re attending to be the college manager you wish the minimum of NCE and skill in instructional administration

Your lecturers ought to have minimum of NCE and skill in service education or play-work. lecturers World Health Organization area unit hooked in to kids area unit most well-liked.

5. Your school has to be fully registered

Your school should be fully registered as a privately owned one by you alone.

The Corporate Affairs Commissions ( CAC) is responsible for all business registrations in Nigeria. You would be given the step by step procedures to register the business as a sole proprietorship.

Make sure you meet all the requirements. Once you have met all of the requirements, you can go on to start your nursery and primary school in Nigeria.


Most nursery and primary school owners in Nigeria go into the business just to make money not knowing a lot is involved. School counselors should be employed. You have to make sure the children are not maltreated by their teachers and handlers as they would certainly report to their parents and guardians which would mean bad publicity.

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