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How to Join Nollywood in LAGOS | Contact Details and Application Guide

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How to Join Nollywood in LAGOS | Contact Details and Application Guide.

Nollywood Registration Guide in 2020… That many Nigerian youths  are very interested in being part of Nollywood , especially as actors and actresses in Nollywood is common knowledge. Fraudsters and pretenders are equally taking note of this fact and are perpetually on the prowl attempting to take advantage of these innocent career seekers on-line and offline.

Join Nollywood in LAGOS

How to Join Nollywood in LAGOS

Countless and different young persons, Nigerian girls especially, are raped and destroyed while looking to take advantage of opportunities to achieve their dreams and goals.

In this article, I need to elucidate the straightforward, simple and most realistic method of entering into Nollywood and creating an excellent career out of the Nigerian industry and without doubt become one among the most recognized names in Nigeria shortly.

What You Need To Know About Nollywood Acting.

1. Earnings – It is not surprising to see the affluence in Nollywood  judging from the fact that it is the third largest movie industry and after Hollywood and Bollywood respectively.  At the basics, most Nollywood stars earn between N100,000 to N500,000 per role, but the superstars within the trade earn between N1 million to N5 million based on how big, versatile and the roles the superstar is and would have to play.

If you earn N100,000 per role as a replacement and forthcoming star and acquire 10 roles during a year, that may quantity to a whooping N1,000,000. bear in mind you’re still forthcoming, your earning is sure to grow even larger as you grow larger and additional quality.

Asides what you earn in the movies you act, even more cash truly is made from product endorsements and contracts which might come your way when you achieve stardom. Some superstars are presently being signed up for product endorsement by a number of the telecommunication and alternative huge firms in Nigeria. It’s actually the major way movie stars make their money.

2. Lifestyle – there’s large glamour and ostensibly enjoyment happening within the industry everywhere the globe. you may have the chance to attend a number of the best events within the country, visit places, I mean a number of the places you’ll solely dream regarding currently and acquire to satisfy nice individuals within the society.

3. Opportunity – several celebrities are already getting political appointments in their states or at the national level because of the recognition which they got through the industry.  Your acting style and versatility are analyzed by people and firms and they decide how well you can fit to promote their brand.

From there, you’ll land a political appointment that could be a huge deal in Nigeria considering the quantity of cash that’s being shared within government circles.

With of these in mind, I’m positive you’re currently set to go! Still, what does one specifically gain after entry into Nollywood?

4. You must be gifted –  Talent like I same before is your darling weapon as a result of albeit you manage to realize entry through sex, are you aiming to persuade the audience to love your acting through sex as well? thus, you bought to be gifted 1st if you hope to urge in and acquire additional.

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Since cash and fame is concerned, it’s natural for everybody to believe he or she is gifted, that’s what we have a tendency to decision self believe that typically is self deception too. the most reason our picture scenes are jam-packed with shouting and crying by mediocre actors and actresses World Health Organization try arduous to impress is thanks to this self believe/deception.

But however very does one grasp if you’re talented? Since acting is regarding simulation to be what you’re not and assumptive completely different characters at a special time and circumstances, you would like to raise yourself:

Am I really good enough at pretending to be what I’m not and being able to consistently convince people?

Can I interpret some other person character precisely how the person will it while being all natural?

If your answers to the two afore-asked questions is positive and affirmative, you’ll simply be a naturally talented actor/actress. However it’s not merely enough to answer it yourself, others got to say how true this is regarding you and you need to have records to back it up!

If you’re specific as you claim to be, individuals should have noticed  it in you long hitherto. You need to be featured in one drama, play or movie or the opposite, just like the college dramas. Does one have the video tapes of a number of the native dramas you have got been concerned in?

Gosh! That’s why you would like to document those things at early stage. You would like to be smart at keeping history, it helps in your careers and therefore the careers of your youngsters. There’s no higher resume than documented experiences.

Attend Auditions – Audition is that the fasted suggests that of lease producers spot your talent immediately. Hunt for legitimate auditions and avail yourself to that, who knows, which will simply be your breakthrough!

5. Register with licensed recruitment firms: This to ensure you don’t get scammed and exploited. It also ensures you would get linked to the authentic movie directors and increases your chances of successfully auditioning.

Most of them could need that you simply register with some quantity of cash, thus it’ll be a waste of fund if you’re not very gifted and move and register. Still, if you acting skills are top-notch, these recruitment agencies would pass up the chance to take you on.


Remember! uncountable people who are rather like you always have the notion that they are gifted actors and actress, and are going out of their thanks to gain entry into the trade previous you. The sole issue that may stand you out is your exceptional talent, if your talent is average, I could recommendation you to appear for alternative profession elsewhere.

Note: Exceptional beauty and irresistible charm gives you an edge in the movie world.

What’s your take on this? We believe this article was helpful, if yes, don’t hesitate to share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Google +

NG Team.

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