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How to Apply for a Job in Person – 20 Unique Steps

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How to Apply for a Job in Person – 20 Unique Steps.

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Apply for a Job in Person

How to Apply for a Job in Person - 20 Unique Steps

Before You Apply.

1. Make a list of the things you are good at and qualified for

If you have a degree in marketing , good interpersonal skills, good command of the English Language and writing skills, you know what jobs would suit you best. Your skill sets are your strong points and it’s better to apply for a job which your skill sets gives you an advantage.

2. Choose a career of job which fits your skill sets

Now that you know your strengths and have honed them, you would know which job or career path suits you best. This information would help you decide which firms, companies or organizations you should apply for a job in.  Go online. Search by each industry and job title, and repeat your search on a daily basis till you decide on which ones you want to apply for.

3. Prepare a customized professional CV

It is always smart to prepare a CV which is tailored towards the job you are applying for. While a generalized CV might work, a customized CV which is tailored for the job you seek highlights the strengths, acquired skills, trainings and qualifications which are required for that particular job position.

It is important to visit the online profiles or websites of the firm or organization you seek to work for to read about their goals and vision statements, their work structure and everything about the organization. This would help you structure your CV. Learning about the job requirements of the job position you seek to apply for also help you streamline your CV to fit the requirements and, hence gives you an advantage.

4. Important details you should have in your CV

♦ Your personal details

  • You full names
  • A professional email address with you full names
  • Mobile phone number
  • Contact or home address

♦ Personal statement/ personal objective

♦ Work experience

♦ Education

♦ Skills

♦ Hobbies and interests

♦ References

5. Make sure you have a professional or respectable profile online

On social media platforms like Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram that you use , you have to make sure you rid them of posts and comments which aren’t edifying. It is becoming increasingly common and normal for employers or interviewers to ask to see your social media profiles. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched; you can tell a lot about a person’s character and intellect from their social media activities.

The most professional social media platform is LinkedIn. If you don’t have an account, it would profit you to do so. And it is quite easy to sign up too!

When You Apply and During the Interview

1. Dress Professionally

Like they say, you are addressed the way you dress. It is important that you dress exactly as it is expected in the firm or organization you are applying for a job.

For example, when applying for a job in a marketing firm, it is advisable that you dress in a suit and tie (or properly laundered white shirts, tie and pair of trousers),  black shoes and with well-groomed hair.

Be ready for common queries. Interviewers usually raise a similar variety of queries, like “Where does one see yourself in 5 years?” or “What area unit your strengths and weaknesses?” Have the answers to queries like these up your sleeve.

2. Be punctual

When applying and during the interview, it would endear you to the firm when you apply in person and come for interview on time. If the official business time is 9.00am, be there on time to apply in person.  You never know if you would meet the Human Resources Manager and your punctuality would endear you to him or her.

3. Be courteous

Be polite to everyone you meet at the firm or organization when you apply. You create an impression which is lasting. You don’t know who you’d meet when you go apply. Never be rude but don’t come off as a pushover.

4. Be honest

Do not claim to possess degrees or abilities you do not.  Several organisations check references. Any inconsistencies in your application letter and CV might lead to you being disqualified. Be open about why you are applying for the job, the reason you are leaving your current job (if you are currently employed) and why you were relieved or left your last job.

Make sure what you say aligns with the goals and objectives of the firm or organization. Also state how you have continually improved yourself overtime and how these improvements make you a better person and would add to how you discharge your duties if employed.

Research About the Company and Firm and the Job Positions you are Applying For

It is expected that you have to be well-informed about the activities of the firm for you to fully function as a staff. Going all out to know this impresses the interviewer that you are someone who is ready to work.

Know about the company’s weakness and strengths and the general review it has in the public sphere.

For example, if you are applying as the Public Relations Officer, it is advantageous to know about the organization’s recent social responsibility activities, its culture, how well it is perceived in the public, the customer service review, its social media presence and response rate.

Knowing these, during the interview you can add how you can improve on the shortcomings and maintain its strong points. This is the best way to let the interviewer know you did your homework properly.

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