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GreatAuPair Hiring Process 2022 and Application Requirements

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GreatAuPair Hiring Process 2020 and  Application Requirements.

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GreatAuPair Hiring Process 2020… In 2001, GreatAuPair was established by Shannon and Jamie Pitts, people of San Ramon, California. The duo had for a few years recruited the help of au pairs to let go Jamie from taking care of their children.

GreatAuPair Hiring Process 2020

GreatAuPair Hiring Process 2020

Rendering their own story, they resolved to help other parents do the same by creating a website that allowed families and au couples to find each other. Jamie Pitts perception of the idea, and Shannon Pitts assisted to start the firm after his employer, a dot-com company, was unsuccessful.

He craved for a new work that would allow him to spend more time at home and with his family. His previous job needed him to travel two hours each day to San Jose, California.

The company had In July 2002, registered 7000 users. In December 2003, it had linked about 60,000 families and Aupairs. The company had 6,000 families In October 2008 and 17,000 Aupairs. By 2013, the company had paired more than one million families and concierges.

In 2007, numerous consumers using GreatAuPair were swindled into sending money to Aupairs or families who said they wanted money. The company gave out an announcement telling users to be cautious of sending money to people in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and other developing countries. in December.

By 2010, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and her husband Ari Behn established a native English-speaking au pair for their children namely Maud Angelica Behn, Leah Isadora Behn and Emma Tallulah Behn through GreatAuPair. In 2011, GreatAuPair became a subsidiary of InteliMark Enterprises, which was situated in Gardnerville, Nevada. GreatAuPair is situated in Austin, Texas.

The company has over the years created a platform of employing people and if you looking for job position, job requirements and Hiring process in this company, then you should stick around because that is what I am about to do in this article

Major Job positions at GreatAuPair Company

– Program Advisor

The Program Advisor duty is an important part of GreatAuPair’s unique customer service. The Program Advisor works as the foremost point of contact for new clients and is thus the most significant outer representative of GreatAuPair.

The Program Advisor is in charge for making calls to families and replying incoming phone calls and emails, to comprehend the customers’ wants and to symbolize the value of the GreatAuPair J-1 Au Pair Program. Your aim will be to assist host families through their application with comfort and assurance, and then help them to find the best au pair match from our number of qualified au pair candidates.

The prosperous applicant could be branded as a confident person who can learn faster and with higher communication skills and a commitment to quality and high standard customer service that is rare to come by.

You are a brilliant expert that is capable of supporting host families understand the worth and benefits of the au pair program. You have higher organization and time management abilities that help you to manipulate competing priorities and customer wants.

Your business spirit makes a positive trait and your ability to think widely will allow you to bring new ideas to foster your department.

The Program Advisor also has the duty of reporting to the Host Family Services Manager in the Sales and Marketing department and is in charge of changing leads into customers to meet monthly sales objectives for host family recruitment.

– Ambassador

 The duty of the Ambassador stretches to that of the GreatAuPair’s excellent sales and marketing process. Ambassadors create their own time to recognize and put on motion prospective new host family clients and are thus a significant out ward facing representative of GreatAuPair.

The Ambassador is in charge of personally sourcing new leads by networking with families, schools and businesses through personal contact and social media. The Ambassador will also host and involve in family and child-centric occasions, and make independent marketing activities to increase your reach.

A an Ambassador will know the customers’ wants and be able to help host families speedily decide if the au pair program is a good for them . This will need you to have a detailed understanding of GreatAuPair’s Au Pair Program, host family involvement requirements, and Department of State compliance requirements.

You will pass involved customers to GreatAuPair’s professional Program Advisors who will then educate your clients about the Au Pair Program and help them all through the au pair matching process.

You should also be patient enough to listen to what clients have to say and endeavor to create cordial relationship with them .you should able to swiftly  recognize sales opportunities and seek out potential customers; you are simple and able to work  should with social media and you know how to engage your listeners.

You must be professional in your character, eloquent and confident in your speech. You must be personally inspired and able to commune to a different group of prospective clients. Your success will come from your ability to match the benefits of the au pair program with parents want for childcare and their curiosity in cultural exchange.

– ColdFusion Application Developer

The GreatAuPair development team works in rationalized, process-oriented settings, advancing to meet present and future business need. The development team will provide technical solutions to present internal and external websites address known matters and also make codes and trouble shoot.

The trait needed for this job is a person with a planned, considerate, smart, highly inspired individual who loves making research on issues and developing answers within a team environment.

Requirements for Job Position at GreatAuPair

  • Have an educational qualification of a bachelor’s degree in any institution of higher education
  • Depending on the job position you want to apply for, endeavor to have work experience before applying for nay job in the company. Experience year range from 2 or 4 years
  • Have knowledge on MS Word, Excel and overall presentation process.
  • Be excellent in verbal and written and oral communication.

Hiring Process to get a Job at GreatAuPair

– Applying process

to apply for a job position in this company, you need to go to their official website GreatAuPair.com and then create an account with them. Fill in the necessary information in the application forma attach a photograph with recorded video of you.

– Interview stage

After submitting your application form you will be notified via text or email for an interview. Ensure you practice some interview question before going for the interview and if you pass the interview, congratulation you’ve got yourself a new job.

An important thing to note is that the company place more emphasis on childcare experience. According to the website,  all applicant should have  at least a minimum of 1,200 hours of childcare experience

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