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Federal Government Recruitment Programs 2022-2022 in Nigeria

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Federal Government Recruitment Programs 2020-2020 in Nigeria.

Federal Government Recruitment Programs 2020… Online Registration of unemployed Nigerians by the Federal government has started. This page will outline everything you need to know about the Nigerian Federal government recruitment 2020.

Federal Government Recruitment Programs 2020

Federal Government Recruitment Programs

We have great news for those who are interested in government recruitment programs. Starting from Wednesday, April 5th, 2020 unemployed people who are interested in government recruitment programs may register online. We will cover the available recruitment programs that were established by the Federal Government.

The recruitment programs were created in order to help the unemployed people. There is a problem with unemployment in Nigeria and these programs are a way to solve it. The programs may vary, but the point is the same.

List FG 2020 Programs


One of the most popular is the N-Power recruitment. It was created for unemployed youth and offer a lot of services. Their slogan is “Empowering Nigerian Youths for Prosperity.” They’ve helped over 200 000 students and are still looking for new employees. The recruitment programs that we will cover below are part of the N-Power program. It’s important to note that most of them are for students. Also, some of the programs are paid.


An excellent choice for those who want to dedicate their life to teaching. It engages and trains 500,000 unemployed graduates. It is a paid program and lasts for two years. The participants will be provided with computing devices that will help them to learn information necessary for the job.


A very popular field these days. It is mostly concentrated on providing knowledge of the economy and engaging participants in the marketplaces. The programs are known as ‘Training to Jobs’ initiative. The program is willing to ‘create’ new freelancers and employees at outsourcing capacities. The participants will be trained in different technology fields including Software and Hardware programs.


The N-Power is looking for new young unemployed Nigerians (currently 75,000) in order to engage them in a new training and certification program. They will provide courses to train new skilled and competent service professionals, artisans and technicians.

Besides having the recruitment program, the Government offers various vacancies directly at the Development Finance Institution. Some of them we listed below.

✔ Executive Secretary to the CEO

✔ Administrative Officer

✔ Internal Audit, Head

✔ Chief Economist

As you can see, there are a lot of different opportunities for the unemployed people in Nigeria. You just need to have the will to participate and meet the requirements. Good luck, future employees!

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NG Team.

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