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Call It Emotional Trauma And Infatuation- A Must Read Article

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They call it love: but i call it infatuation. Sometimes folks go nuts by their emotions and call it love. Unknown to their sanity – that they’re stuck on emotional trauma.

Majority today, are hypnotize by the opposite sex – and it touches me that even the so-called boys who claim to be masculine do fall for this too. I can’t really say i’m free from this factor actually – sure, i’m one major guy the opposite gender could quell by emotion, which could either be reckoned for weakness.

Why don’t we – young people stay away from this amateur relationship which stands to be a square peg in a round hole on our itinerary to success. On crystal clear, we should cut the crap of saying: i can’t live without him or her. You aren’t going to bear it for years on end, rather with time you’ll get a better guy/girl. It’s just a matter of few years at peradventure.

Love yourself, Get a life, Go to school, Plan yourself, and finally strive to accomplish those goals of yours. In just a matter of time, i promise: every guy will want to have you for a wife – i mean not just chewing gum guys but real men. On the other hand – for guys, I’m not advicing you should begin to flirt and sleep around with girls when you hit your jackpot. But it’s an assurance, no girl; i mean no damn girl will ever reject you, because of how fascinating you’ll be, even by attitude and asset. You bet

Live up for good life and shade every nook and crannies for your fortune. Although, i’m much more skeptical about relationship at this juncture. Until, i click my bigoted age.

Written by Godwin Elijah. Author of the forthcoming book – A Switch To Precept.


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