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Brief information on the first private university in Nigeria

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Madonna University is the first private University in Nigeria and the first Catholic University in Nigeria. Enjoying both Stately and Ecclesiastical approval, it strives to revive in her community the age-long tradition of Catholic Education and the exacting demand of our contemporary society for sound education
enrooted in salubrious life-promoting morality.

Vision Statement Our principal objective is to remain in the frontline of centres of
learning, teaching and research.

MU Mission As a University with difference, Madonna works for the
improvement of her local community as well as for an active contribution to the needs of the international community in the
aforementioned areas.

The various Colleges, Institutes and Faculties in our University help to foster an interdisciplinary approach to different areas of study and enhance the discouragement of the traditional claim for exclusivity and superiority by each discipline. By so doing a
healthy interdisciplinary contribution to studies for the promotion
of the life of man on earth is also facilitated.
In order to help our outstanding students face the challenges of
our contemporary world, all are invited to make contribution for
the realization of the enormous and onerous vision of the
Madonna University.


There are 3 different campus own by madonna university

1). Akpugo campus

2). Elele campus

3). Okija campus

Courses in Madonna university

Banking And Finance

Electrical /Electronics Engineering

Mass Communication

Medicine And Surgery


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