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8 Major Job Positions in the Bookstore Industry

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8 Major Job Positions in theBookstore Industry.

Job Positions in the Bookstore Industry… If you are a book lover and you are interested in working in a bookstore industry, this article will article will talk about the top positions available in the bookstore industry. The position ranges from editorial to sales and marketing which you can choose from, depending on your personal interests and strengths.


The following are the top jobs in a bookstore industry you can choose from:

  1. Book Editor

A book editor focuses on finding literary talent, and then work with them to publish their books. Book editors do not only publish works, but they also edit a writer’s work to modify it into a finished product that hits the shelves. If you have a passion for reading and you are good in writing, with a great eye for storytelling, then a career as a book editor might be right for you.

  1. Copy Editor

A copy editor works in various media fields like magazines, newspapers, and websites. Copy editors work with the editors and ensure that the authors’ manuscripts are free of grammatical errors.  Copy editors work on a full-time and part-time basis.

  1. Literary Agent

A literary agent focuses on finding literary talents; they find promising authors then sell their books to book editors and then share the proceedings. If you are interested in this career path, you must have a sense of how to sell and package a writer and also the sense of what kind of books will sell in the market.

  1. Literary Scout

A literary scout finds books for film producing studios or foreign publishers to be adapted on the screen or to be published abroad. This career requires years of experience as an editor or an assistant editor before you can be able to recognize hidden talents.

  1. Publicist

A publicist can also work in various media fields and also the corporate world. The role of the publicist is to press attention for the authors and books published at a particular publishing house. Sometimes, may have to manage crisis and control damage if an author or the publishing house gets in some kind of trouble. So if you are interested in dealing with different people and difficult situations, then a career as a publicist might be the right fit.

  1. Production Editor

A production editor is responsible for ensuring that the authors’ manuscripts are edited, designed, proofread, and printed. And all of this must be done on schedule with little or no delay. So if you are interested in combining your love for reading with admirable designs, then a career as a production editor might be right for you.

  1. Marketer/Copy Writer

A marketer is often a good writer because creating press releases, media kits, and catalogs require writing skills, also including writing highlights of the great features of the author, a book or a publishing house campaign.

  1. Sales Position

A sales position is highly collaborative and communicative as it requires close communication with editorial, marketing, and publicity which helps make the sale of books a success. If you have a thing for recommending the perfect book to others, then a career in book sales might be perfect for you.

Most of these positions require years of experience for you to be more effective and successful. They also require the kind of people who are not afraid of some stressful work. I believe that with what is mentioned here, you will be able to choose the right career that may be right for you.


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