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20 GMAT Examination Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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20 GMAT Examination Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

GMAT Examination Questions… If you haven’t head of GMAT Examination, the first thing which would come to your mind is, “What is GMAT Examination? What is it all about? Why do I need to learn the questions and answers?” Not to worry, I would explain it to you.

GMAT Examination Frequently Asked Questions

GMAT Examination Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is GMAT Examination?

GMAT Examination means Graduate Management Admission Test Examination. The Examination is a 3½-hour long standardized test or examination which is targeted at predicting how prospective candidates of MBA programs would fare academically in the actual MBA (Masters in Business Administration) programs.

The scores you get in the GMAT examinations when released would be used by the graduate business school you applied to decide if you merit admission into the graduate school’s MBA program.

Except in situations where your locality has no internet access, the GMAT Examination is an online based examination taken using a computer.

  1. Must I take the GMAT examination to get admission for an MBA Program?

Most likely than not as it is the standardized testing method for eligibility. More than 70 sit for the GMAT. More schools are opting for GRE General Test though.

  1. How to Prepare for the GMAT Examination

To prepare for the GMAT Examination you need to hone your mathematics, grammar, reasoning, analytical and reading skills.

  1. What are the common mistakes candidate make when sitting for the GMAT?

Of all the mistakes test takers of the GMAT examination make, the most damaging one to their goals is not using their time properly.

With the advent of online testing for the GMAT examination, timing is exact once the exams begin. Most test takers erroneously assume since they are computer literate, they have little to worry about but this isn’t so.

As in many online examinations, during the GMAT, many test takers spend more time than necessary tackling questions they don’t have immediate answers to when they should be tackling the ones which are easier to solve.

If you learn effective time management, your GMAT score would significantly improve. If you don’t know the answer to a question after spending a few minutes on it, move on to answer the next one as time is running out!

  1. How is the GMAT rated?

This is actually as complicated question so you have to pay attention to the answer I would be giving- every word and detail of it.

The GMAT is set to keep changing its difficulty level during the examination until you have missed half of the questions. What this means is, the more difficult questions you tackle as they come, the higher the score.

Here’s a rough theory to put it in perspective: The first question would be medium (not easy, not difficult), if you get it right the next question would be more difficult, but if you get it wrong, the next question would easier.

  1. What number of questions do I have to answer correctly to score 700?

Like I explain in the answer to the previous question, the score for a question depends on the level of difficulty. So a person who answers the most difficult questions would actually have to answer, let’s say X questions to score 700, while a person who answers easier questions might need to answer additional questions to reach 700 ( let’s say X+20).

Erm, the above example isn’t exact but you get the idea.

  1. Would the school rate me highly or lesser for taking the GMAT examination more than one?

In the past this used to be true for some schools but now they all rate you based on your highest score.

  1. Do MBA graduate schools use mathematics and verbal sub-scores?

The MBA program is an analytical one where your knowledge of maths is the most important. Your verbal knowledge doesn’t have to be technical; just enough to pass off as literate.

  1. Do MBA graduate schools use AWA and Integrated Reasoning Scores?

It’s just for formality as MBA schools don’t rate them highly.

  1. Can I skip the AWA and Integrated Reasoning Questions because they are not important?

No, don’t. Since AWA and IR are essays to gauge your level of reasoning, just don’t them so you don’t come off as lazy.

  1. How easy is it to improve the Mathematics and Verbal score?

Since mathematics questions and concepts are more precise, it’s easier to study and pass them with higher score.

  1. What score is acceptable GMAT examination?

Depending on the school and the rate of applicants from certain work backgrounds. Banking and consulting are the most common work backgrounds so candidates in this category need to score higher to get admitted for the MBA program.

  1. What is the least score I can have to be admitted for an MBA program?

600 is the least score you should have

  1. What do I do on the day of the GMAT examination?

Wake up, eat well, arrive at the test center very early and avoid distractions.

  1. Can I use the GMAT (Graduate management search service)?

Yes, you. Check the GMASS box on MBA.com or on the computer on the GMAT examination day.

  1. Should I choose sending of my GMAT scores every time I take the examination?

Yes, you can. Your examination fee of $25 actually covers the sending cost.

  1. Do MBA graduate schools use my picture taken during the security process at the test center?

Yes, they often do so you appear presentable.

  1. What’s the ratio for GMAT test takers based on gender?

Males: 60%;

Females: 40%

  1. Which are the highest and lowest average score for undergraduate majors?

Physics: 606;

Educations: 485

  1. What are the average highest and lowest scores amongst U.S states?

The highest average score is 593 and in the District of Columbia, which isn’t a state while;

The lowest average score is 441 in the State of Mississippi.

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