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20 Best Ways to Annoy any Nigerian

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20 Best Ways to Annoy any Nigerian.

Ways to Annoy any Nigerian… There are certain ways to annoy any Nigerian but on a large scale, Nigerians are more annoyed by the following ways:

1. Place your “I better pass my neighbor” generator by your neighbour’s window each time you want to start it and if they complain, reply with “that’s how I want it”.

2. When watching a football match with people and a team is about to score, just stand in front of the TV and cover the screen or switch it off.

3. Bypass a queue at the ATM stand and head straight to make a withdrawal.

4. On an exams day, when people are studying for the exams in the library, read out loud and if you are asked to stop, tell them it helps you understand better.

5. Tell someone to name his/her dog, “Dog”.

6. Produce awkward sounds at the end of your sentences with the impression that you want to say more.

7. Clamping your hands over your ears to signal that a conversation is over.

8. Disassemble your pen and flip the ink cartridge deliberately across a room with people.

9. Adjust the colour tint on your TV to a single colour e.g. green and insist to other people that it is your best colour.

10. Wear a colour-blocked outfit.

11. Use N5 notes to pay for something of N10, 000.

12. Park in the middle of the road while driving, just to read a newspaper.

13. When you see someone reading, stand over their shoulder and read the book out loud.

14. Insist on obviously wrong facts such as saying it’s a Saturday when it’s actually a Friday.

15. Never breaking eye contact when talking to others.

16. Ask someone you have met what gender they are.

17. Chew on borrowed pens.

18. Pass in front of people with too much perfume.

19. Reserve a sit for your handbag even when the chairs are not enough for others at an event.

20. Never making eye contact when talking to others.

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