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10 Things to do if Your Admission was Rejected in any Institution

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10 Things to do if Your Admission was Rejected in any Institution.

Things to do if Your Admission was Rejected… Everyone has had to deal with disappointments at some point in life, from personal to financial to societal to educational in this case. It’s alright to feel disappointment but what matters more is what you do after you are disappointed.

Things to do if Your Admission was Rejected

10 Things to do if Your Admission was Rejected

Anyone sure would be disappointed if their admission application was turned down, especially when you know you put a lot of effort and dedication into it.

  1. Apply to the Other Schools Which Are Still Admitting

So you were rejected by a school you applied to that by no means stops you from trying out other options to forward your education. It should stop you from taking advantage of the quality education being offered in other schools. Sure there are reasons why

  1. Focus on the Admission Application Process to Your Second-Choice School

There’s a reason you chose the school as your second choice and it

is because it has similar qualities to your first choice school. Since your admission to your first school of choice was rejected, turn your attention to and channel your energy into working on the admission process into the next school.

Learn from the mistakes you might have made when applying for admission into your first school of choice. With information such as what the school seeks in prospective students, how to attempt interview questions and comport yourself during the interview to writing your application letter. All of the acquired information and improved upon mistakes could better your chances of getting admission into your second-choice school.

  1. Seek Transfer to Your First-Choice School When You Get Admission into another School

If you are bent on getting admission into the school you wanted at first, you could get seek and get admission into school. Once you get admission into the school, you could seek transfer to your first-choice school.

Do note that you would have to have a very high CGPA (Cumulative Gross Point Average) to meet the requirements for transfer into the other school. Even at that, some schools only accept transfers from schools they consider as partners or of very high quality.

  1. Take a Year Gap Then Apply Again

This certainly an option you could consider. Take a year gap before applying to the school again and during the period you could study even harder. You take advantage of learning and studying the admission interview past questions for the school, learning about why your admission was rejected, working on your weak points and using it as a spring board to launch your admission application process.

Taking a gap gives you the opportunity to look back and retrace your steps where necessary to take a more wholistic approach. You reach out to those who got admitted to find out what they did which you didn’t to get admission.

There are countless sites online where you can get materials to study on even at no cost.

The knowledge acquired would certainly improve your chances of getting admission into your school of choice.

  1. Take the Time Off To Learn Skills before Applying Again

If you are taking time off, you could learn useful skills before applying again. The skills learnt and mastered would always come in handy even as you study the course of your choice especially if the skills learnt are geared towards the course.

For example, if you are seeking admission into Harvard University to study Computer Science and your admission was rejected, it doesn’t hurt if during the time you are taking off before applying to Harvard again, you enroll in a computer school to learn computer programming skills.

There are even sites where you could learn these skills for free and even get certificate at the end of the successful completion of the course. There are many of such site called “Open Course Learning Websites” such as EDX , COURSERA , UDEMY amongst many others.

How to Register to Learn Skills on EDX.

  • To register on www.edx.org, log on to the website or download the EDX app from the Google PlayStore then install.
  • Register and provide the necessary details as required.
  • Choose a course of your choice and register for it. You could also make the option of choosing a certified course which is as low as $45 for getting certification from some courses.

They courses are offered an taught by some of the world’s acclaimed universities and their lecturers, including universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford and so much more.

See? The time away learning skills would not just be productive because you would be learning relevant skills which you would require or can use throughout your life, you would also be boosting your profile and your CV.

  1. Make the Most of the Rejection and Let It Fuel You to Be Better

Your admission application isn’t the end of the world. I understand you might be disappointed but let it fuel you to better. Work on yourself, study harder, learn even more skills, work on your weaknesses, maintain your strengths, take note of all the mistakes you have made and might make in the future.

You could also learn to make the most of the mistakes of others.

  1. You Reach Out To the School Board to Find Out Exactly Why Your Admission Was Rejected

Yes, you could actually do this. You could reach out to the interviewer or the school authorities even if you are a thousand miles away by sending a mail to them. Do make sure your request is formally put and respectfully so.  You sure would learn a thing or too and the lessons learnt would be imputed the next time you apply to the school.

Other things to do if your admission was rejected are;

  1. Dust yourself up, and forge ahead
  2. There are always other options
  3. Apply again for a later degree

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