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10 Major Reasons Why Smokers Die Young Everywhere

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10 Major Reasons Why Smokers Die Young Everywhere.

Reasons Why Smokers Die Young… We all know smokers die young or we have at least heard and read of the phrase at the end of some tobacco advertisement – “…smokers are liable to die young”.

Major Reasons Why Smokers Die Young

10 Major Reasons Why Smokers Die Young Everywhere

According to a report by Tobaccoatlas.org, the use of tobacco significantly increases the chance of death form many diseases ranging from cancer to respiratory illnesses to even stroke. To put this into perspective, the report states that in 2016 (alone), there 6.3 million deaths caused by cigarette smoking alone!

To further put this in perspective, in about 55 countries of the world, about one in five deaths of males are caused by smoking and the statistics is significantly higher in European countries and East Asia.

Smoking is related to more deaths than most people even admit. So of these statistics, what are the 10 major reasons why smokers die young?

There are countless reasons why smokers die young and so even from accidents caused by being under the influence of smoked substances to the terminal diseases caused by it.

  1. Lung Cancer

This happens to be the major reason smokers die young. In fact, it is reported as the number one type of killer cancer  the years. The major cause of death due to lung cancer is smoking.

To put the image properly and into perspective, of every 1000 persons who die due to lung cancer, 870 of those deaths are caused  by smoking. You see how high the rate of smokers dying young is?

Once you have been diagnosed of lung cancer the likelihood of you surviving it five years later is very slim, which is 20 percent. Let’s look at this, of every 100 persons diagnosed of lung cancer, only 20 of them would live beyond 5 years!

  1. Heart Disease

Your heart is also at risk. Toxic substances filter into your blood and also to your heart. These toxic substances when smoking can cause your arteries to block and narrow which would ultimately mean less blood and oxygen flowing into your heart.

In a recent report, it was stated that as soon as cigarette smoking reduced in the U.S, it also mark a reduction in the rates and occurrences of heart diseases.  That doesn’t make people safe from heart disease as it is still the number one cause of death in the United States till today.

  1. Asthma

Asthma is basically difficulty in breathing as air difficult to move in and out the lungs. Asthma is triggered by allergens in the air and smoking is one of such allergens. When smoking the allergens in the air are increased and could make the lungs spasms for more air and kick start asthma attacks.

To realize how widespread this disease is, nearly 30 million Americans are affected by asthma which is worsened by smoking.

  1. Birth complications/ pregnancy complications

Smoking is even worse during pregnancy as some would-be mothers smoke while pregnant which has harmful effects on the delicate, helpless foetus with weak immune system.

Amongst other things, it could lead to discolouration in the babies when born, premature birth, low birth-weights, health complication which are various and worse still, death.

  1. Countless cancer types

Smoking is linked to countless cancers such as cancers of the larynx ( voice box), mouth, oesphagus ( throat), kidney, cervix, bladder, liver, pancreas, stomach, colon, rectum, leukemia, bladder and so much more.

  1. Eyesight depreciation and loss

Have you heard smokers complain of poor eyesight just after smoking? Now imagine what happens over years of smoking? Your eyes deteriorates! It even get to a point where there is no eyesight and complications such as cataracts which if left untreated could be life-threatening. Many persons die of cataracts yearly.

Smokers who have indulged in the habit for years would likely go blind from their 60’s upwards.

  1. Diabetes

Smokers have an increased risk of developing Diabetes Type 2 where the body can’t produce enough insulin to convert the food that has been digested to fat and stored.

If you are a smoker, there is about a 35 percent chance you would get diabetes type 2 which is lower for non-smokers. If you already have heart, kidney, lungs and pancreas disease, smoking only worsens it and accelerate the rate of deterioration.

Once blood flow is reduced, you lose control of your limbs, the become to rot ( starting with your feet), you get gangrene and to save your life, your feet first, has to be amputated. Also you could have visual impairment even blindness and damage your nerves for good.

  1. Adverse effect on women’s fertility

Smoking can cause infertility in women and even when pregnancy occurs, it might be ectopic pregnancy where the egg can be viable and can kill women if it isn’t treated.

A lot of women who smoke have difficulty getting pregnant.

  1. Stroke

You remember what was described above about smoking making you arteries narrow and blocking them, with that come shocks which results into stroke since you heart would have to put in extra work to get oxygenated blood in and deoxygenated blood out.

Your brain cells are denied oxygen too during the circulatory process which is hampered by the blocked arteries and without oxygen, the brain cells start dying off. What’s next? Speech impairment, brain death and actually death.

  1. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)

This is a lung disease where there is difficulty in breathing because of blockage. You become less active more tired and very weary as many activities become weary for you. You also pant and breath hard.

In every 100 persons who have COPD, 800 of them were caused by smoking and it is the 3rd highest cause of death in the U.S

Of the many reasons to quit smoking, staying alive is key. You should stay health if you want to achieve your set goals. Also know that second hand smoking kills too so you should avoid environments  where this is rampant. Stay healthy! Stay alive! Stay safe!

NG Team.

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