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10 Low Tuition Universities for International Students in Canada

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10 Low Tuition Universities for International Students in Canada.

Low Tuition Universities… It is a true fact that majority of young scholars all over the world have a smooth ideology of furthering their tertiary education in one of the best international higher institutions. These students are wise in thought but a challenging element like money may give them a second taught of cheaper ones.

Low Tuition Universities for International Students

10 Low Tuition Universities for International Students in Canada

In Canada, there are some list of less expensive higher institutions with not just captivating but effective learning facilities. But before I proceed to giving the list of these low tuition universities in Canada, I will like to bring in some important facts to consider before one may want to school in a country like Canada. These facts may include the following:

The population in Canada:  Since Canada is like a home for all; therefore, we have a population of 8.5 trillion people living in this small but mighty country. Small but mighty in the sense that, it is a home of opportunities and everyone wants want to live in a favorable place like it.

The cost of living in Canada: The cost of living in Canada is extremely low. This may be the apt reason why we have a lot of people dwelling in it. Therefore, the case is not different in the aspect of education.

Availability of Higher Institutions:  Higher institutions in Canada are obviously plenty. They are almost everywhere. In that case, we have cheap, expensive and very expensive ones.

Distance to schools: Since these school almost everywhere, the distance to these schools are not far as one will find a school close to his/her apartment.

Availability of libraries and other resource centers: Since there is abundance of schools in Canada, there are also abundance of libraries and other resource centers that may be helpful to students.

Accommodation: Any student admitted to any higher institution in Canada, is provided a free hostel accommodation at the school he/she is admitted into.

Currency used:  The currency used in Canada is Dollar ($)

Having considered these crucial factors, a student may be anxious to know the list of all the higher institutions available in Canada. This would be a nice work to deliver but  you will agree with me that it’s obvious difficult to have a comprehensive list all these institutions as new institutions come up almost every day and old once are sometimes closed down by either the government or other authorized agencies because of one hazard or the other.

However, we have numerous numbers of young scholars who wishes to further their education in less expensive higher institutions in Canada. This is indeed possible as we have list of low tuition universities for international students in Canada. The list of 10 of these low tuition schools will be provided with the amount of money they pay as their tuition fee.

But before bringing up the list of these schools, I will expose the requirement needed for one to belong to these schools.

These Requirements Include:

  • The student must be between the age range of 18-40 years,
  • He or she must have an international passport
  • He or she must be a Christian
  • He or she must have a senior school  certificate
  • He or she must have a recommendation letter from a relative or any other person with high personality.
  • He or she must be ICT inclined
  • He or she must have some required medical report which will importantly include; HIV/AIDS test result, Yellow Fever test result, etc.
  • He or she must not be deaf, dumb or blind.

Having gone through the requirement list for the admission into these low tuition universities in Canada, it is therefore necessary to showcase the list of 10 low tuition universities for international students in Canada.  This list is arranged in the order of most expensive to the less expensive schools.

         1. Brenda university, Morongwa      $ 72,000
        2. Caribbean  for all university, Yunga      $ 69,000
        3. The university of Canada, Canada       $ 65,000
        4. Dream makers university, Rundha       $ 59, 000
        5. Divine seed university, Grambia       $ 51,000
        6. University of freshman, Traco       $ 47,000
         7 Clittain  university, Mundo       $ 40,000
        8. Cabin university, cabinet hunter       $ 38,000
        9. Coaster university, coaster republic       $ 30,000
      10. Brigham university, Brigham       $ 20, 000

From the above list of institutions, a student may need detailed information of each of these schools. These can be obtained by clicking on the below link and the basic information for each of them will be provided.

As prospective students of any of these institutions, it is worthy to note the following points:

  • Admission into these schools is not done by proxy,
  • Tuition fee is paid per individual,
  • Studentship terminates  after the completion of the desired course,
  • Exams mal-practice is not welcomed in any of these schools,
  • Immoral behavior in any way results to expulsion,
  • Students will not leave the country (Canada) till their studentship expires in the schools,
  • Students are not expected to leave school during Holidays,
  • Feeding and clothing is provided by the individual and not the school,
  • Scholarships are given to best performed students.

One may ask;

How do I gain admission into these schools?

It is simple!  With the use of your smart phone you can pick an admission form by clicking on https://www.canadavisa.com/international-students-in-canada.html.

The information required to fill on this link will include:

  • Your name
  • Your contact or home address
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your nationality
  • Your ex-institution
  • Your grades in SSCE
  • Your age
  • Your desired course of study
  • Your desired institution

The necessary credentials for screening will include:

  • Your first school leaving certificate,
  • Your junior secondary school certificate
  • Your certificate of origin
  • Your birth certificate


Conclusively, i will love to advice anyone who wishes to school in any of these institutions to take up a bold step as they will not have any reason to regret. These universities are highly recognized and moreover, contain qualified and ready-to-impact lecturers. Education is indeed the key to success, go for your key.

NG Team.

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